What makes the best mattress for stomach sleepers

The stomach sleeping position requires more support from a mattress than other positions. We’ve ranked the top mattresses for stomach sleepers and outlined all of the things stomach sleepers should consider to optimize a night of rest. Read below to find out more.

Brand/ModelPrice/Discount HighlightsTrial Period/Warranty Mattress Type
11" of memory foam, ideal firmness for stomach sleepers, great value, 365-night sleep trial, "forever warranty"365 nights / lifetime warrantyMemory foam
Supportive for spinal alignment, good pressure relief for stomach sleepers, excellent body contouring 100 nights / 10 years non-proratedMemory foam
Amerisleep AS3
High degree of pressure relief and motion isolation, sleeps cool, above-average durability100 nights / 20 yearsMemory foam
Hybrid foam and pocketed coils, lumbar pad for extra support, four firmness options101 nights / 10 years Hybrid
Loom & Leaf
Firm, extra support for stomach sleepers, even weight distribution, free white glove delivery120 nights / 15 yearsMemory foam
Three firmness levels, excellent body contouring, Comfort+ option after 30-day break-in period120 nights / 15 yearsMemory foam
Great durability, built-in cooling technology, promotes natural spinal and body alignment101 nights / 20 yearsLatex hybrid
Strong pressure relief, low motion transfer, three foam layers, good edge support, good support for heavier sleepers100 nights / 10 years non-proratedHybrid

Our research shows that stomach sleepers should consider these key features when selecting and buying a mattress:


Source: Wall Street Journal

  1. Ample support: neck and spine alignment

Support is one of the most important priorities for stomach sleepers because of the sleep position’s potential for causing strain on the neck and spine. Finding a mattress that offers the consistent support for keeping the spine and neck in alignment is key.

  1. Firmness: keeping a flat profile supported

The appropriate (medium) firmness for stomach sleepers is paramount in supporting this sleep position, which causes very few spaces between the body and the mattress. A mattress that is too soft will cause the body to sink down, which causes the spine to misalign and can cause pain in other areas of the back.

  1. Contour: conformity to the body

It’s important for stomach sleepers to have a mattress that does a good job of conforming to the body and relieving the body’s pressure points. The mattress should provide support that conforms to the body and allows the spine to be natural.

  1.  A cooler mattress

Since stomach sleepers lay down with the entire front of their body on the mattress, they may want to consider a mattress with cool layers and cooling technology. Some mattress types, like innerspring and hybrid, stay cooler because they don’t trap as much heat as compared to some foam mattresses.

Firmness and support for stomach sleepers

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers have a medium level of firmness, and are usually more firm than mattresses for side or back sleepers. The goal for a stomach sleeper is to find a mattress that has enough firmness to support the body in a neutral position and is soft enough (but not too soft) so the body doesn’t cave into the mattress. The recommended mattress firmness for stomach sleepers is between 3 and 6 on the comfort scale.

Stomach sleepers can face several challenges because of the sleep position:

  1. Back pain

The stomach sleeping position causes the spine to hyperextend and puts stress on the spine and back, which can cause back pain. Stomach sleepers can help align the body and spine by using a firm mattress with enough support and the proper pillow or no pillow.

  1. Neck pain

The neck is turned to the side in the stomach sleeping position, which can result in a stiff or sore neck and neck pain and unwanted pressure on the nerves. The proper support and firmness in a mattress, paired with an appropriate pillow, can help prevent neck pain. For example, it is recommended that stomach sleepers prop the forehead on a pillow to allow the head to be face down.

  1. Breathing

Stomach sleeping can create a challenge for breathing. While the neck is turned to the side, the airway is not as open as it is in other sleeping, sitting, or standing positions. Stomach sleepers can consider sleeping face down to prevent blocking airflow. Stomach sleepers may also struggle to get a full and deep breath because the lungs are compressed under the weight of the body.

  1. Pressure on back

Stomach sleeping can add to the pressure and tension on the back and torso from sitting and slouching during the day. To avoid added pressure and back pain at night when sleeping, stomach sleepers should have a mattress with outstanding support and the correct pillow(s) for helping to align the body and spine.

What is the best type of mattress for stomach sleepers?

There are many mattress types and several mattresses that will achieve both the great support and correct firmness range for stomach sleepers. Consider the different varieties of mattresses below:

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are:

  • Foam mattresses (poly and memory foam)
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses

Learn more about the different kinds of Mattress Support Cores.

Note: Stomach sleepers should consider a medium to medium firm to firm mattress with a firmness level of 5 to 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest. And, they should also consider starting with at least a 1 inch layer of a soft top comfort layer.

Foam mattress (poly and memory foam)

  • High-density foam layers (several grades of poly foam) for support
  • Combination of foam layers used for both support and comfort
  • High-density foam layers (several grades of memory foam) for comfort
  • Cooling technology to avoid heat trapping
  • Consistent support and medium to medium-firm firmness level for stomach sleepers
  • Elasticity of memory foam allows mattress to bounce back to original position (slower response time, however, compared to latex)
  • Excellent conformity and relief for pressure points
  • Consider thinner comfort layers to prevent sinking down into mattress for stomach sleepers

Innerspring mattress

  • Steel coil support system (coil types include: bonnell, offset, continuous, and pocket coil) layered with foam or quilting
  • Coils range in thickness from 12.5 to 16 gauges and thinner coils can more easily shape themselves to contour to the body, while thicker layers provide support for holding up the weight of the body
  • Conformity depends on comfort layers (materials like memory foam, latex, polyurethane foam, and natural fibers)
  • Consider thinner comfort layers to prevent sinking down into mattress for stomach sleepers
  • Consistent support and medium to medium-firm firmness level for stomach sleepers
  • Support may break down over time
  • Resilient and durable

Hybrid mattress (foam and coil)

  • Combination of both coils and foam(s)
  • Coil support system gives great core support (coil types include: bonnell, offset, continuous, and pocket coil) layered with foam or quilting
  • Foam layers are good for comfort and added support (memory foam, latex, polyfoam, natural fibers)
  • Consistent support and medium to medium-firm firmness level for stomach sleepers
  • Good conformity with memory foam and other foam layer(s)
  • Consider thinner comfort layers to prevent sinking down into mattress for stomach sleepers
  • Great support, but may break down over time

A few other kinds of mattresses stomach sleepers can consider are latex and adjustable air mattresses.

Latex mattress

  • Latex foam layers (mainly Dunlop and Talalay)
  • Latex layers are for both support and comfort
  • Great for core support layers and comfort layers
  • Good for medium to medium-firm to firm mattresses for stomach sleepers
  • Conforms well to the body and relieves pressure points
  • Only a mattress with a latex core should be in this category
  • Good durability and long lasting
  • Elasticity is good, and latex mattress will bounce back into original position after being compressed

Adjustable air mattress

  • Adjustable chambers of air used
  • Foams and fiber layers, too
  • Provides a lot of support
  • Firmness can be adjusted for personal preference
  • Adjustments to mattress can allow for higher or lower position on certain part of the body that are heavier
  • Don’t have issues with mattress sagging
  • May be too firm for some sleepers (basic or no comfort layer)
  • Definitely needs an effective comfort layer to provide enough softness for comfortable sleeping

Sources: Consumer Reports, BetterSleep.org, Sleep.org, SleepFoundation.org

What else should a stomach sleeper consider?

Picking the right pillow for your sleep position is just as important as selecting the right mattress. There are many different pillows and pros and cons for each style or material. Here are a few tips for selecting the right pillow for stomach sleeping.

Finding the right pillow

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers have specific needs when it comes to mattresses, and finding the right mattress is crucial to getting healthy sleep. Much like side, back, and combination sleepers, stomach sleepers will rely on personal preference and specific characteristic when choosing a mattress. Luckily there are a variety of options that meet the needs of stomach sleepers.

These components are important to look for in The Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers:

  • Ample support for neck and spine alignment
  • Firmness to support a flat profile
  • Contour and body conformity
  • A cooler mattress

With the large amount of information available to consumers about mattresses, this guide is focused on mattresses that meet the needs of stomach sleepers. The mattresses in this guide were selected based on research from publicly available sources like forums, chat boards, company websites, reviews, and information provided by consumers.

Stomach sleepers should look for specific characteristics found in both support cores and comfort layers in these different mattress varieties:

  • Foam mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

This guide explores the very best of all of these mattress varieties recommended for stomach sleepers, and information in the following categories for each mattress brand or model:

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Aggregate customer rating
  • Special features

These mattress recommendations were informed by research, and data is not weighted. Information on each mattress was evaluated and taken into account as a whole.

Mattresses featured in this guide perform extremely well for stomach sleepers, and are high-quality with the best design, technology, durability, and special features available on the market.

The best of the best


Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3, formerly known as the Amerisleep Liberty, is a medium-firm foam mattress. It is ideal for stomach sleepers because it has both support and softness, but isn’t too soft, which helps prevent stomach sleepers from sinking down too far, causing spinal misalignment.

This mattress model is constructed with several layers–3-inch memory foam and 2-inch poly foam comfort layers, and a 7-inch foam support core.

It also features a cover that is made with a blend of Celliant, spandex, and polyester. Temperature control is important for stomach sleepers, and this mattress’s memory foam comfort layer is made with a breathable cooling material that is known to be more breathable than other memory foams.

The memory foam layer also offers good body conformity for stomach sleepers, who need pressure relief to help avoid added tension on the back and midsection of the body.


  • Support: The AS3 strikes a balance between support and softness so that stomach sleepers don’t sink down too far.
  • Temperature control: The memory foam comfort layer is made from a breathable material, and the cover features materials with cooling properties as well.
  • Eco-friendly: The support layer is made with a foam that’s derived from plants, so it’s eco-friendly and extremely durable.

Check out our Amerisleep AS3 mattress review to learn more about the AS3 mattress.


Leesa mattresses have a medium firmness level, which is recommended for stomach sleepers. The mattress is constructed with a 6-inch foam support core that provides structure, which is important for spine alignment for stomach sleepers. The support core is one reason these mattresses are so durable.

Leesa mattresses feature several comfort layers – a 2-inch memory foam layer that gives great pressure relief and body contouring and 2-inch cooling foam layer. The cooling foam layer even has a little bounce to it, which helps sleepers move around more freely.

The comfort, body contouring, and temperature control of the comfort layers are ideal features for stomach sleepers.


  • Support: The dense support core is meant to support sleepers of all sizes and shapes, without feeling too firm on the top of the mattress.
  • Sleeps cool: The three-layer design and Avena foam layer prevent the Leesa from sleeping hot the way other memory foam mattresses often do.
  • Firmness: The Leesa is medium to medium-firm, which is ideal for stomach sleepers.

Want to learn more about Leesa? See our full Leesa mattress review.

Other great options for stomach sleepers

Check out these 6 brands that are ideal for stomach sleepers.


The Nectar mattress is an 11”, all-foam mattress comprised of 5 layers designed to provide even distribution of weight, support, cooling, and bounce. The quilted Tencel cover promotes air circulation and wicks away body heat to help stomach sleepers stay cool throughout the night.

The Nectar mattress provides equally strong support and pressure relief for stomach sleepers. The mattress comes in one firmness, medium to medium-firm, which should be ideal for most stomach sleepers in promoting spinal alignment and pressure relief.

Nectar offers some of the best guarantees in the industry, with a 365-day sleep trial and a “forever warranty.” With 11″ of memory foam and high-quality construction, the Nectar mattress should be a long-term investment for stomach sleepers.


  • Firm support: The Nectar is a firm mattress ideal for side sleepers.
  • Sleep trial: An industry topping 365-day trial comes standard.
  • Forever warranty: This warranty includes a 10-year guarantee of replacement and a lifetime guarantee of repair or replacement after the first 10 years.

Learn more about Nectar by reading our full Nectar mattress review.

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Winkbed Mattress ReviewWinkBeds, headquartered in Wisconsin, makes handmade mattresses that are sold directly to consumers online. WinkBeds are hybrid mattresses with pocketed coil innerspring support cores and foam comfort layers.

The support core is made of 7.5 inches of tempered pocketed coils that measure a 14.15 gauge, and is key in offering support and spinal alignment for stomach sleepers. The support core is encased in a structured perimeter that helps the mattress have excellent edge support, too, making weight distributed evenly from edge to edge of the mattress.

WinkBed mattresses also have a lumbar support pad layer built into the mattress in between the support core and comfort layers, that offers lower back support. This is important for stomach sleepers, as the sleeping position could allow for added pressure on the lower back if not enough support is provided.


  • Sleeps cool: The WinkBed includes a microcoils layer that promotes airflow and evaporates moisture, and each mattress is topped with a breathable cover that is soft and absorbent.
  • Comfort: The WinkBed’s hyper-soft foam material cradles the body, which is important for stomach sleepers because their entire front side of the body is on the mattress.
  • Motion isolation: A layer stabilizing gel foam isolates motion and keeps the mattress cool by directing heat away from the body.

See our full WinkBeds mattress review to learn more about the WinkBed mattress.

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf by Saatva is a premium memory foam mattress made with organic cotton and eco-friendly CertiPUR-US certified foam.

The Loom & Leaf mattress is 12” thick in total, with multiple layers of memory foam that offer body contouring and pressure relief. The memory foam used also helps distribute weight evenly across the mattress, which is ideal for a stomach sleeper.

Loom & Leaf mattresses are constructed with a gel memory foam that is designed with a technology that allows airflow. The top comfort layer has holes built into the foam layer, and these holes promote air movement, and are made to keep heat from being trapped. This design is meant to help stomach sleepers stay cool.


  • Extra support: Loom & Leaf mattresses are quite firm and will help stomach sleepers feel supported throughout the night.
  • Cool comfort: Soft memory foam and cool memory gel help provide pressure relief while keeping the sleeper cool.
  • Delivery and setup: Loom & Leaf delivers each mattress and a delivery professional handles installation.

Learn more in our full Loom & Leaf mattress review.

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Novosbed memory foam mattresses are made with materials that are repurposed or recycled. They are available in Plush, Medium, and Firm firmness levels. They feature 11 inches of mattress layers. Medium firmness is suggested for stomach sleepers, and Novosbed’s medium mattress offers a 2-inch memory foam and 2-3-inch memory foam comfort layers, supported by 6-7-inches of a foam support core.

The ultra-dense memory foam layers help sleepers regulate temperature, which is important for stomach sleepers who sleep with the entire front of the body on the mattress. These layers are also key in offering great contouring and pressure relief for the heavier parts of the body that sink down farther into the mattress on the front side of the body.


  • Pressure relief: Ultra-dense memory foam layers offer pressure relief for the heavier parts of the body.
  • Durable: The Novosbed is made from high-quality materials and features a non-slip bottom for extra stability.
  • Removable cover: Novosbed mattresses have a washable polyester and lycra knit cover that can be removed for easy cleaning.

Read our full Novosbed mattress review to learn more about Novosbed.

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GhostBed mattresses are in the latex hybrid category and are medium to medium-firm, with medium being the most recommended firmness for stomach sleepers.

The latex component is found in the mattress’ comfort layers, featuring a 1.5-inch aerated latex comfort layer and a 2-inch gel memory foam layer. The latex comfort layer is known for its resiliency and it bounces back into its original shape. It conforms well to the body, which is important for pressure relief for stomach sleepers.

The support core of the GhostBed mattresses features a 7.5-inch high density foam layer. This supportive foundation helps keep the spine and body aligned. The support core helps support the body in preventing the heavier parts of the body from sinking down too far into the mattress, which can cause pain in other areas of the back.


  • Support: The GhostBed provides a supportive foundation that promotes natural spinal and body alignment.
  • Temperature control: GhostBed mattresses have built-in cooling technology that offers airflow and prevents heat trapping.
  • Removable cover: GhostBed features a removable polyester cover that helps keep sleepers cool and dry.

Learn more about GhostBed in our full GhostBed mattress review.


Sapira by Leesa is a hybrid mattress with an innerspring support core and memory foam comfort layers. The steel pocket springs in its base layer give the mattress strong pressure relief and little to no motion transfer, while the 3 foam layers above the springs add comfort, bounce, and cooling.

The Sapira is a medium to medium-firm mattress, which is ideal for stomach sleepers. The coil spring layer helps give the mattress some bounce and helps support stomach sleepers throughout the night, preventing them from sinking too far into the memory foam comfort layers. This design also gives the Sapira good edge support, so that stomach sleepers can sleep anywhere on the mattress and not feel sinkage.


  • Support for heavier sleepers: The combination of pocket springs and foam gives more support to heavier sleepers than a traditional foam mattress.
  • Edge support: The pocket spring technology allows the springs to go all the way to the edge of the mattress, meaning edge support is significant.

Learn more about Sapira by reading our full Sapira mattress review.

Additional resources for stomach sleepers

Consider these online resources for learning more about mattresses, sleep, and sleep positions:

How to buy a mattress online

There are some benefits to buying your mattress online, so consider these tips if that’s your plan:

Best mattresses for stomach sleepers

What a stomach sleeper needs to know

  • Stomach sleepers should consider medium comfort/firm mattresses (4-7 on a scale from 1 to 10)
  • A mattress should provide great support and also conform to the body to allow for neutral and natural body and spine alignment
  • Best mattresses for stomach sleepers can be foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses
  • The right pillow is just as important as the mattress
  • A soft pillow with a slope is recommended for supporting the neck and head
  • Pillows that are easy to mold and scrunch are best, and usually made with down, feathers, alternative down, thin foam, or polyester
  • To open the airway and prevent the neck from twisting, consider resting your forehead on pillow face down
  • Consider a flat pillow under the stomach to help align the spine
  • Common issues for stomach sleepers are back and neck pain, breathing, and back pressure