A mattress guide for amorous activities

Although it can be a matter of preference in some areas, the mattresses that perform best when it comes to recreational activities tend to share certain characteristics. In fact, a few features can be considered an absolute necessity.

In this guide we’ll break down the most important features to consider in this area and provide our top picks for the best mattresses for sex. We’ll also look at design features that fall into the category of personal preference. We’ll explain what to look for and spare you an awkward conversation with an online sleep expert.

Brand/ModelPrice/Discount HighlightsTrial Period/Warranty Mattress TypeOur Review
$999High degree of lumbar support, ample edge support, durability120 nights / 15 years non-proratedInnerspring
$1,299 ($3,499 with coolControl base)
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Hybrid foam and pocketed coils, lumbar pad for extra support, four firmness options101 nights / 10 years Hybrid
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Strong pressure relief, low motion transfer, three foam layers, good edge support, good support for heavier sleepers100 nights / 10 years non-proratedHybrid
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Responds well to movement, pressure relief in hips and shoulders, sleeps cool100 nights / 10 years non-proratedMemory foam
Alexander Signature Hybrid
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13", 5-zone pocketed coils, good edge support, durable foam100 nights / 20 yearsHybrid

Keep in mind that this guide will look strictly at recreational aspects and won’t take into account the features that contribute to the best sleep. Many of our other guides focus on sleep, sleep positions, and mattress construction. A mattress can be a substantial investment, and you’ll want to strike a balance between these two important uses to get the best of both worlds.

Also, there’s likely to be a relationship between good sleep and good sex. A study done by the National Sleep Foundation found that a significant portion of women polled said that inadequate sleep had a negative effect on their sex life.

Overall, here’s what you need in  great mattress:

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Constructed from high-quality non-toxic materials
  • Conforms to your specific comfort needs

A great mattress for sex needs all that and more:

  • Adequate support across the total surface area
  • Just the right amount of responsiveness
  • Maximum airflow with minimum internal friction

Read on to learn more and see our picks for the Best Mattresses for Sex.

What to look for in a mattress

When shopping for any mattress, you’ll find a confusing mixed bag of mattress components, comfort levels, manufacturing processes, and materials. Often that confusion is a result of creative sales language. A mattress is actually a relatively simple collection of common parts. The features of a great mattress for sex, which we mentioned above, can be further broken down into the following categories.

  • Bounce: This is a critical feature. A mattress that provides extreme motion isolation will absorb your movement without transferring it and eliminate all give and take. This absorption creates a mattress without the desirable bit of bounce during sex. Sometimes the last thing you want when getting amorous is to feel swallowed up by your mattress. Avoid mattresses with top layers of non-dense memory foam over 2”. If you or your partner need foam layers for pressure relief while sleeping, high-density foams, or a hybrid foam-over-innerspring will normally be a great compromise.
  • Noise: Memory foam and latex are both known for their ability to eliminate noise. The traditional creak of a mattress often comes with time and is due to the metal springs found in coil mattresses. The more advanced mattress coils now are often encased in foam or pocketed, so the friction of spring-on-spring has been eliminated in many models. Avoid innerspring mattresses which feature a continuous-coil design to prevent this problem.
  • Edge support: Edge support can be important to all but the most conservative love-makers. All our mattress reviews provide a great resource to check for this feature. Generally speaking, 100% memory foam mattresses don’t rate highly in this area, unless they feature an extra perimeter layer of foam designed specifically for support. Latex can provide a bit more support, and innerspring will provide the most overall support due to the steel-wire inner structure.
  • Cooling properties: While working up a sweat is not a bad thing at times, an overly absorbent mattress without adequate airflow can be. Cooling foam is generally short-term in its effect. Look for features like convoluted or channeled foam and pocketed coils. These features will still absorb body heat, but should help transfer it away from the action.
  • Durability: A proven lifespan, high-quality construction meeting industry standards, foam that won’t break down quickly, and/or a well-designed coil system are a must. A healthy sex life requires a mattress that can stand up to wear and tear and support weight. Look for at least 10” total height in a foam mattress and well-constructed lower- gauge coils in an innerspring. Compare the quality of the spring and not the spring count alone. A mattress manufactured in the US will usually be a more durable mattress meeting higher standards of construction than those manufactured elsewhere.
  • Overall comfort: A comfortable mattress is just more conducive to an active sex life. Taking all of the previous features into consideration and adding high-quality materials plus your own preferred comfort level should result in a winning combination and a happy couple.

How different types of mattresses compare for sex

Hybrid Mattress Review

As you can see, the materials that go into the construction of the mattress greatly influence its suitability for sex. The four major categories of mattress construction are found below. Each one will have its pluses and minuses, and your sleep preferences will need to be added to the equation. Still, some basic differences between these mattress types are important to point out. You’ll see below that, overall, hybrid and innerspring beat out latex and memory foam in this area.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses run the gamut of quality. The pricier models will generally provide all the critical features noted above. These mattresses will support the weight of your activities and allow for the rhythm that comes from a nice, responsive spring action. Look out for lower-quality coil construction with high-gauge coils and without adequate comfort layers. These can be the mattresses that nightmares are made of when it comes to sex, as they are noisy and prone to collapse.

Memory foam: While memory foam mattresses are loved by many for sleep, they aren’t optimal for sex. An all-foam mattress won’t provide the desirable edge support and is likely to restrict airflow. Temperature control can be a problem. Furthermore, the body-contouring properties of this type of foam can make quick position changes a challenge. In this case, the cloud-like plushness becomes a negative. If you do go this route, the denser and higher-quality the foam, the better.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses can be the best of both worlds. Why? Because the foam layers will act to reduce noise while the innerspring layer will provide the desirable responsiveness and prevent sinkage. Hybrid mattresses can be among the most supportive and durable, but check on the quality and gauge of the springs used in the coil layer. If the top comfort layer consists of 100% memory foam, look for denser foam and less thickness. An inner lumbar support layer will be a plus.

Latex: Latex mattresses vary slightly in their springiness and body-contouring affects. The higher-quality high-density latex will provide great support and a bit more give and take than memory foam. Overall, latex is responsive and durable, but possible pitfalls include temperature control and excessive motion isolation. The best latex mattresses, made of multiple layers encased in high-quality covers with supportive top layers and adjustability features, are the ones to look for.

Couple on new Mattress

The best mattresses for sex

By combining customer review data with mattress specifications from the manufacturers, we’ve selected our top five picks in this category. Taking into account the quality of materials and construction process as well as comfort tests, each of the brands below earned a high ranking. These brands also rate highly across the board with verified customers. We’re confident that the combination of engineering and attention to detail in the following mattresses add up to an overall quality product at a fair value.

Some of the design features you’ll find with these brands are critical when it comes to a mattress best for sex. Others offer specific features that may be desirable based on your own unique preferences.


Saatva features a coil-on-coil (double layer of coils) construction, and is a great choice for sex. The coil-on-coil design maximizes airflow while still providing edge-to-edge support. Another plus for this mattress is its durability. The company uses eco-friendly and natural materials, and manufactures its mattresses in the US. Saatva comes in a variety of comfort options to match your sleeping style and has all the bases covered when it comes to amorous activity. This mattress’ combination of responsiveness, temperature control, and strength make it one of our top picks. Top features that make this a good mattress for sex include:

  • Edge support: Because this mattress has coil innersprings, there is no lack of edge support.
  • Lumbar support: The cover of the mattress features a tightly stitched design in the midsection for additional lumbar support. This feature adds extra support without sacrificing overall responsiveness.
  • Cooling: Minimal use of foam and coil-on-coil construction provides excellent airflow and cooling.
  • Bounce: Coils afford a more traditional bounce than foam mattresses.

Saatva’s coil-on-coil layers are a unique attribute of this hybrid mattress. The coils are wrapped in foam, and the coil layers are designed for breathability.

Learn more about the Saatva mattress by reading our full mattress review.


WinBed Best Innerspring MattressesThe WinkBeds mattress also features a double-layered pocketed-coil construction. That feature, combined with additional support and foam layers for maximum comfort, make this mattress an appealing option. The company offers an optional remote-controlled temperature adjusting base for an additional cost, but even without it the mattress has above-average airflow capacity built in. You’ll have 4 firmness options to choose from for sleeping and the durability and traditional bounce needed for sex. Top features that make this mattress good for sex include:

  • Edge support: As a hybrid of foam and foam-encased coils with a perimeter layer of high-ILD (meaning very sturdy) foam, WinkBeds provides better edge support than what you would find in many memory foam models.
  • Temperature control: Using a layer of pocketed micro-springs, a layer of gel foam, and a Tencel fabric cover, this brand has placed a good deal of emphasis on airflow and breathability. The optional coolControl base uses proprietary technology to customize temperature settings.
  • Quality of materials: WinkBeds mattresses are made in the US and the company has paid a great deal attention to sourcing high quality materials. This attention to detail in the manufacturing makes for a durable mattress with the overall comfort necessary for an active, happy sex life.

This mattress is billed as a luxury hybrid, and the number of layers as well as their variety in construction make it stand out.

Read our full WinkBeds mattress review to learn more about the WinkBed mattress.


Purple Mattress Review Purple features a foam layer combined with patented polymer layers. This combination makes it a great choice for anyone who loves the foam experience for sleeping but doesn’t want to feel stuck in the mattress during sex. This mattress has not sacrificed support and durability for comfort, making it one of our top picks. The Purple mattress is manufactured in the US using a unique and durable foam. Top features that make this a great mattress for sex include:

  • Temperature: The open grid construction of the top polymer layer makes Purple much cooler than most foam mattresses.
  • Motion transfer: While it has more bounce than most foam mattresses, motion transfer is minimal.
  • Comfort: This mattress is effective at minimizing pressure points without the drawback of memory foam.
  • Hypoallergenic: The materials used to make Purple are hypoallergenic and shouldn’t irritate the skin or activate allergic-like symptoms, which are sometimes caused by foam products.

Purple was founded by two brothers who first formed a partnership after over 30 years designing and manufacturing aerospace materials for other companies. The brothers invented Floam, the world’s lightest-weight cushioning fluid, and the Hyper-Elastic Polymer used in their mattress. This polymer solved many of the problems that have traditionally made foam mattresses fall short when it comes to sex, such as excessive body contouring and motion isolation.

Read all about the Purple mattress in our full Purple mattress review.

Alexander Signature Hybrid

Alexander Series Hybrid Mattress ReviewsThe Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress made by Nest Bedding features foam with a pocket-coil innerspring (4 layers in total) and is another good option when it come to sex. The company uses CertiPUR-certified foam and manufactures the mattress in the US. It offers the durability and strength along with the comfort and edge support that are all required to rank highly in this area. With this mattress, you won’t have to sacrifice pressure relief and comfort to get the ease of movement and responsiveness needed. Top features that make this a great mattress for sex include:

  • Firmness: Unlike most bed-in-a-box companies, Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Hybrid is available in two firmness levels (medium and luxury firm) and offers the right combination of comfort and support.
  • Quality of construction: The innerspring layer is topped with one layer of quilted foam, a layer of copper-infused gel foam, and a transition layer. The organic materials and eco-friendly manufacturing make for a well made bed at a great value.
  • Comfort: This mattress is supportive, responsive, and still provides an adequate amount of pressure relief.

The foam used in the top 3 layers of this mattress is 4 lb. density foam, which is more durable than an inferior lightweight foam.

Do your research on the Alexander Signature Hybrid by reading our full Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress review.