What you get with GhostBed

GhostBed is a bed-in-a-box company that offers hybrid latex foam and memory foam mattresses. GhostBed mattresses are available exclusively online. The company is known for being eco-friendly and designs its mattresses using CertiPur-US approved materials and a production process that does not include any harmful chemicals.

The company makes one mattress model available in a variety of mattress sizes, that is designed to offer a balance of comfort and support to appeal to a majority of sleepers.

The company also manufactures other sleep products like pillows, mattress toppers, and bedding.

Consider these key characteristics that make GhostBed’s mattress stand out:

  • Support: For a foam hybrid mattress, GhostBed’s mattress model has above-average support. The high-density foam support core layer coupled with a middle support layer provide a supportive foundation that is made to support natural spinal and body alignment.
  • Temperature: GhostBed mattresses have built-in cooling technology that starts on the  top mattress layer with an aerated latex foam, which is designed to offer airflow. The cooling features continue into the middle support layer, which is a gel-infused memory foam constructed to prevent heat trapping. Both layers are designed to keep sleepers cool.
  • Warranty and sleep trial: A 20-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial are both above-average for the mattress industry.
  • Motion isolation: GhostBed mattress layers are designed to effectively absorb motion to prevent movement from transferring to other parts of the mattress, which is ideal for sleepers who sleep with a partner.

Here are some potential weaknesses to note about GhostBed mattresses:

  • Firmness: GhostBed mattresses come in one firmness level, and some customer reviews report the mattress is too firm for their preference.
  • Sex: Although this mattress is silent, the foam layers don’t allow for much bounce, which is important for this activity.
  • Edge support: When aggressive pressure is applied to the edges of the mattress, the foam layers sink down significantly further than other areas of the mattress.

Price (Queen): $795
Type: Hybrid foam latex
Sleep trial: 101 nights
Warranty: 20 years
Shipping: Free
Manufactured in: U.S.

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About GhostBed

Brand history

GhostBed was originally Nature’s Sleep, which was founded in 2001. In 2015, GhostBed was launched by founder and CEO Mark Werner, who suffered from chronic neck pain and had three surgeries until he was inspired to create his own mattress.

The name “GhostBed” comes from the concept of the childhood fear of ghosts hiding under the bed.

All products and mattresses are U.S. made, and there’s no showroom – mattresses are purchased through the company’s website and through Amazon.com and shipped directly to each customer’s front porch.

The company has been in business for 15 years and has been featured by CBS AustinFurniture Today, and Huffington Post, among others. More feature stories on GhostBed are available online here.

GhostBed ships mattresses within 24 hours of purchase, which is faster than  the 3-5 business days offered by most bed-in-a-box companies.

Brand reputation

GhostBed scored a D- rating through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. BBB bases 33% of its rating on BBB customer reviews and 67% on BBB’s assessment of the company’s interaction with its customers. More detailed information about BBB and its mission is available here.

GhostBed offers more than 7,100 customer reviews on it website and more than 2,000 reviews on Google.

Reviews are available through:

Customer feedback

Consider these pros and cons reported in reviews by GhostBed customers:


  • Helpful customer service
  • Price
  • Back pain relief
  • Fast purchase experience
  • Quick shipping
  • Easy installation
  • Nice packaging
  • Pressure point relief
  • Great warranty
  • Exactly as promised


  • Confusing return policy
  • Firmer than expected
  • Trouble with promo codes
  • Takes too long to expand/firm up after installation
  • Not great for side sleepers
  • Damaged packaging from shipping

A look at the GhostBed mattress

The GhostBed mattress is an 11-inch hybrid foam latex mattress that has four different layers, and is available in one medium to medium-firm firmness level. The mattress is unique because of its aerated latex comfort layer that helps regulate body temperature and offers body cradling and pressure relief.

  • Cover: GhostBed features a removable polyester cover. The cover is made with a breathable fabric that helps keep sleepers cool and dry.
  • Top comfort layer: The top comfort layer is a 1.5-inch thick layer made with aerated latex foam, which is designed to offer pressure relief for the heavier parts of the body that sink farther into the mattress. This layer offers responsiveness to movement and position changes, body cradling, and allows for airflow to help sleepers stay cool.
  • Middle support layer: This 2-inch layer is a proprietary gel memory foam that is designed to help regulate body temperature and offer pressure relief. The middle layer is less responsive than the top layer, offering more support.
  • Support: A 7.5-inch support core is the mattress’ foundation that helps support natural body alignment. The support core is made with high-density foam.

GhostBed mattresses are made in the U.S. and are compatible with box springs, platform, or slatted platform foundations.

GhostBed costs and guarantees


Model Size Price Weight
GhostBed Twin $495 58lbs
GhostBed Twin XL $650 62lbs
GhostBed Full $775 78lbs
GhostBed Queen $795 89lbs
GhostBed King $975 112lbs
GhostBed CA King $995 112lbs

Purchase the GhostBed from Amazon.

Sleep trial

GhostBed offers a 101-night sleep trial. The sleep trial period starts on the day the mattress is shipped to the customer. GhostBed requires that customers wait at least 30 days after the delivery date to test the mattress to see if it is a good fit before returning the mattress.

If customers are not satisfied, they can contact GhostBed about a return.

For all orders placed through Amazon, customers will have Amazon’s 30-day return policy and returns must be handled through Amazon.


GhostBed offers free shipping to all 48 continental states, and the cost for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $600. Shipping is not available outside of the U.S. or to APO, FPO, or P.O. boxes.

Mattresses are shipped within 24 hours of being ordered. If customers wish to delay delivery, they can request the package to be held at a FedEx location at no charge.

Each mattress is compressed, vacuum-packed, and packaged in a box for delivery by FedEx. 

Once received, customers can unpack the box and unroll the mattress.  


GhostBed is known for its above-industry-average 20-year warranty. The company will completely replace or repair the mattress if it has a defect within the first 10 years free of charge. The only cost for customers would be shipping and handling. The company will cover much (almost half) of the cost for a mattress replacement in the second set of 10 years.

The warranty covers the following:

  • Body impressions or indentations that are bigger than 1-inch thick (but not created because of improper foundation or platform support)
  • Physical flaws in the mattress despite normal wear and tear

The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of the mattress and an original proof of purchase is required for all claims.

In addition, the mattress cover has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase and is covered under the warranty.

How the GhostBed mattress performs

Motion isolation

GhostBed has above-average performance in motion isolation. When one sleeping partner moves or changes position, this mattress absorbs motion, preventing movement from transferring to other parts of the mattress and affecting the other sleeper.

Edge support

This mattress is similar to other foam mattresses in that its edges sink down significantly further than other areas of the mattress when pressure or weight is applied. The center core of the mattress offer the most support and much less sinkage.


With regular use and the durability of the materials used — from the polyester cover, aerated latex foam, gel memory foam, and high-density foam — the GhostBed mattress should offer an 8-10 year lifespan. 


On a scale of 1 to 10, the GhostBed mattress is a 6.5 to 7 in firmness. According to that rating, it is considered to be a medium to medium-firm mattress. The GhostBed mattress only comes in one firmness level.

The mattress is designed to become less firm and break in after a sleeper uses the mattress for 10 or more days, which is average for many foam bed-in-a-box brands.


Several of GhostBed’s mattress layers have cooling properties built in to help sleepers stay cool during the night. The top comfort layer, made of aerated latex foam, is designed to be breathable, and the middle support layer is made with a gel-infused memory foam that is designed to prevent heat trapping.

Heat retention is common for foam mattresses, so these cooling properties used in both the comfort and middle support layers make GhostBed mattresses perform well in this area.


Upon being unpackaged, the GhostBed mattress does have a slight smell which dissipates within hours of installing the mattress. When compared to other foam beds, GhostBed performs well in this area.


Although its aerated latex foam layer may indicate more bounce because it includes the word “latex,” that is not the case for GhostBed mattresses. The foam layers are very conforming and allow for very little to no bounce, which is not conducive to this activity. 

How to take care of your GhostBed mattress

GhostBed mattresses feature a removable cover that makes cleaning easy. The company recommends spot-cleaning the cover with cold water and mild detergent. The cover should be dried before placing it back on the mattress. In addition, these covers should not be tumble-dried or cleaned with bleach. GhostBed does have replacement covers available.

The top foam layer can be spot-cleaned with mild detergent or dishwashing liquid mixed with water and a clean sponge. Any stains can be lifted by using the sponge to rub the cleaning solution on the affected area. Foam layers should not be over-soaked.

These mattresses do not need to be flipped, as the foam layers should always be on the top or surface side of the mattress.

The company does recommend rotating the mattress head-to-toe about every 6 months.

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