What you get with Layla

Online mattress company, Layla, set out to design a cooler memory foam mattress with the promise of a unique health and wellness benefit. The bed-in-a-box mattress comes in one model. The customer can choose between soft and firm comfort levels simply by flipping the mattress. Layla was started by brothers Mohammed and Akrum Sheikh in the spring of 2016.


The Layla mattress uses “copper infused” memory foam outer layers which are designed to dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional memory foam. This foam holds claim to certain health benefits attributed to copper.

Sleepers have the option to place the mattress on its soft side with 3” of memory foam on top, or its firm side with 1” of memory foam on top. The inner layers include a 2” layer of egg-crate-like foam allowing airflow and a 5” layer of dense poly foam. The cover is ThermoGel infused, which is a process designed to make it cool to the touch.

Here are several key characteristics of the Layla mattress that contribute to its popularity:

  • Temperature control: The ThermoGel creates a cool sensation, at least in the short term. Many customers report having slept cool despite the memory foam components. The convoluted layer (egg-crate like) will allow heat to move away from the body rather than become trapped, though this applies more when you use the soft side of the mattress. The copper infusion of the memory foam may have a cooling effect as well.
  • Motion transfer: True to form, this memory foam mattress is built to absorb motion. The high-density foam at its core and the outer memory foam layers will effectively isolate the movements on one side of the bed keeping you undisturbed.
  • Lifetime warranty: Layla’s warranty is one of the longest of the other factory-direct brands . It covers indentations of 1” or more, which is preferable to some, and you’ll be covered in the case of defects.
  • Comfort level: The adjustable feature of this mattress enables buyers to try two different comfort levels and choose the one that suits them best without the hassle of returns. Many customers report satisfaction with this feature and its time and cost savings.

Here are a few potential weaknesses to consider when looking at the Layla mattress:

  • Edge support: The Layla has no extra feature to prevent the edge collapse which is common with memory foam mattresses. Buyers have noted feeling secure while laying prone on the edge, which is a plus, but you should expect a fair degree of collapse while sitting, especially on the soft side.
  • Durability: On the soft side of this mattress, the 3” layer of foam is followed by a convoluted layer underneath. Especially with heavier sleepers, you should expect to eventually see some wearing down of the foam with this arrangement. The 5” high-density base layer at the core of this mattress is a plus, however.
  • Reputation: This company is new and the history behind it is relatively unknown. While the website indicates satisfied customer reviewers so far, it’s early to tell if those reviews will stand the test of time. The handful of reviews on Amazon at this time have yet to add up to a reliable data set.

Price (Queen): $899 (use our promo code for $100 off any Layla mattress)
Type: Memory foam
Sleep trial: 120 nights
Warranty: Lifetime
Shipping: Free to the continental US
Manufactured in: US

About Layla

Brand history

Layla Sleep was started in April 2016 and is headquartered in California. The company founders are Mohammed Sheikh, his brother Akrum Sheikh, and designer Aniqa Chohan. The two brothers gained exposure to the mattress business early on, growing up in their father’s furniture store.

Brand reputation

Layla has yet to be rated by the Better Business Bureau. The mattress has 22 customer reviews on Amazon. 21 of those customers rated their experience with 5 stars, while one customer gave a rating of 1 star. On the company website, 427 customers have reviewed. 74% of them give a 5-star rating, and only 5 customers rate the mattress there under 3 stars.

Layla works with and donates a small percent of all sales to charities and shelters, including Episcopal Community Services in San Francisco. Beyond notes about their charitable partnerships, they’ve had little mention in the media at this time.

Customer feedback

So far, customers give more positive than negative feedback on this mattress overall. Sleepers love the comfort-level options, often trying both sides, and also praise the lifetime warranty. Pressure relief, especially on the soft side of the mattress, gets mixed reviews but trends positive. Other customer-reported pros and cons include:


  • Sleeps cool
  • Good motion isolation
  • Works nicely with an adjustable bed frame
  • Adjustability of firmness level is convenient


  • Not soft enough
  • Offgassing – the odor takes a couple days to wear off

A look at the Layla mattress

This company has taken great strides to compete in the crowded memory foam market, distinguishing itself from other brands on the basis of a temperature control feature. The copper-infused memory foam used in the outer layer of both sides of the mattress contains a copper-infused gel. This gel is meant to transport and dissipate body heat. The advertising of this mattress highlight the wellness aspect of copper.

While health-benefit claims of copper substances worn on the body or contained in a mattress can’t be substantiated with science, the metal is known for its antimicrobial qualities. With the copper-infused foam, Layla attempts to pose a solution to health-related concerns, such as the disturbing and widely publicized findings on microbes in mattresses and pillows, while also creating a cooler sleep experience.
Layla Mattress Layers

The flippable mattress has 4 layers in total, one with air channels, and the cover is treated with ThermoGel for its cooling effect. The layers consist of the following, starting on the soft side:

  • Top layer (soft): A 3” 3lb. density block of memory foam, copper infused. This is a lightweight, plush foam. According to the company, the copper within the foam is in the form of copper gel.
  • Transition layer: A 2” transitional layer of convoluted foam, egg-crate style. This is a denser, 1.8 lb. polyurethane foam.
  • Base layer: A 5” solid support layer of 2lb. density polyurethane foam. This dense foam provides the core of the mattress.
  • Alternate top layer (firm): A 1” layer of the same 3lb. copper-gel-infused memory foam found in the soft layer. Sleeping on this side will put you in near-direct contact with the support layer underneath.

The Layla mattress is manufactured in the US in Arizona.

Layla costs and guarantees


Model Size Price Dimensions
Layla Twin $499 38 x 74 x 10 in.
Layla Twin XL $599 38 x 80 x 10 in.
Layla Full $799 54 x 74 x 10 in.
Layla Queen $899 60 x 80 x 10 in.
Layla King $999 76 x 80 x 10 in.
Layla California King $999 72 x 84 x 10 in.

Sleep trial

Layla’s sleep trial is longer than most, with 120 nights and a 2-week wait period before you can make a return. After that, you’re entitled to a full refund at any time during the trial. The company states that they’ll arrange for a local shelter to come to your house and pick up the unwanted mattress.


This mattress ships in 2-3 business days via FedEx ground from Phoenix, AZ. Shipping is free to the lower 48 states, but there is a flat rate shipping fee of $100 to Hawaii and Alaska, and a $125 flat fee to Canada.

Like many direct-to-consumer mattresses, the Layla will arrive at your door in a box, having been compressed and rolled into a compact portable form. Watch the unboxing of the mattress in this company video:


Layla offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and is forthcoming with the details on the website. Here are the conditions that would void the warranty:

  • Failure to remove the mattress from its box within two weeks of receiving it
  • Use of a boxspring or foundation that lacks the proper center support
  • Supporting the mattress on a metal bed frame that lacks a center support bar
  • Use of the mattress for commercial endeavors including hotels, rental properties, bed and breakfasts, and AirBnB properties.

Return of a defective mattress may include a shipping fee of up to $50 at the company’s discretion.

How Layla performs

Motion isolation

Layla meets up to its expectations as a memory foam mattress, offering better-than-average motion isolation. This mattress will avoid the jarring effects from a partner’s movement that you sometimes find with inner-coil mattresses. Expect the stretchy fabric of the gel-infused cover to create some surface movement.

Edge support

The Layla mattress offers a respectable amount of edge support for sleeping (in comparison to other foam mattresses), but expect a good deal of collapse when sitting. There is no extra perimeter foam here to combat the edge sinkage.


This mattress has the strength and flexibility needed to perform well on an adjustable base, which is a plus. A weakness is the density of the memory foam (3 lb.) with the placement of the convoluted foam directly under it. It wouldn’t be surprising for this combination to eventually result in body impressions, at least on the soft side. The 5” core layer of the mattress, however, is a positive indicator. This layer consists of a stronger 2 lb.-density poly foam which should stand up well to compression over time.


The adjustable Layla offers 2 comfort levels built in, one on each side. The soft side is medium-soft at about a 3.5. The firm side is a true firm. Back support on this mattress is sufficient, even at the soft side, but the sinkage on that side will most likely prove too much for a stomach sleeper. Side sleepers should be pleased with the body contouring and pressure relief provided on the soft side of this mattress.


The cooling features included in the price the Layla are:

  • The ThermoGel treated cover
  • A 3” layer of copper-infused memory foam (copper is meant to conduct heat away from sleepers)
  • The transition layer of channeled foam designed to allow airflow

While most customers report good results from these features, keep in mind that memory foam often doesn’t perform well for very hot sleepers.


Many customers have noted the lack of odor with this mattress, but it is recommended to let any new mattress air out before using.


The Layla mattress exhibits very little to no bounce, especially on the firm side. This is a true foam mattress built for shock absorbency. The soft side has a deep cushioning effect as well. On the positive side, this particular foam has a fairly quick response time. For that reason, you shouldn’t suffer from a trapped sensation when moving about.

How to take care of your Layla mattress

Layla recommends you rotate the mattress every 6-8 months. They also recommend a mattress protector to help keep the mattress safe and stain-free.

The company has stated that the copper-gel infusion in the memory foam doesn’t affect the care or cleaning of the mattress. In that case, we recommend vacuuming with the cover on using a soft-brush attachment. As always, be careful not to soak the memory foam in any liquids and avoid using harsh detergents.

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