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A recent arrival to the bed-in-a-box market, Lull began in 2015 in California. They offer a memory foam mattress available in 6 sizes. The Lull mattress features gel-infused foam and the classic body-contouring spinal support that memory foam is best known for.

Lull Mattress Review

This medium-firm mattress features a high-quality cover over 3 layers of foam: a gel-infused upper layer, a transition layer for lumbar support, and a durable 7” base layer of poly foam. The company has built a solid reputation for making customer service a priority.

Here are a few more key characteristics of the Lull mattress that contribute to its success:

  • Motion isolation: The Lull mattress consists of 10” of foam. The foam layers provide better-than-average motion isolation, so you shouldn’t experience any disturbance (or noise) when a partner or pet moves about while you’re sleeping.
  • Reputation: Considering its short time on the market, the Lull mattress has garnered a good deal of attention and positive reviews, including a spot on the Today Show. They seem to excel at customer service, which helps, and their website is direct and thorough when it comes to normally fine-print issues such as warranties and refunds. A page on the website allows buyers to share videos of unboxing or living with the mattresses, which is an added bonus when doing your research.
  • Affordability: The price of a Lull mattress is lower than the average memory foam mattress available online at this time.
  • Returns process: Buyers report satisfaction with the returns process and note the ease and genuine helpfulness of the company’s “sleep experts.” If you choose to return this mattress after a two week wait period and during the trial, the company issues a full refund as well as free mattress pickup and removal.

A few potential weaknesses you should be aware of when considering this mattress for your home:

  • Edge support: Once again the classic features of memory foam are evident with this mattress when it comes to edge support. Side sleeping is not optimal on the Lull, and you will experience a fair bit of edge collapse when sitting. No extra efforts, such as perimeter support, have been made in the manufacturing to address this issue.
  • Sleeps warm: Although the top layer of memory foam includes a gel infusion, the trend in customer reviews points to the same eventual and normal warming of the foam that you will find in other memory foam models.
  • Firmness level: Many are pleased with the medium-firm comfort level of the Lull. This area is rated as a weakness only because of the lack of versatility. No other firmness options or adjustability features exist with this one-type-fits-all model.

Price (Queen): $800-$850
Type: Memory foam
Sleep trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years (limited)
Shipping: Free within the continental US
Manufactured in: US

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About Lull

Brand history

The company launched in 2015 from Santa Barbara, CA, as on online-only mattress store. Founders Sven Klein, Matt Walker, Thomas Adams, and Brad Inscoe began with a commitment to using eco-friendly products and sourcing all materials from within the US. According to Klein, the idea for Lull was born out of frustration with the traditional in-store mattress-shopping experience. The company has continued to place an emphasis on enhancing the buyer’s experience from beginning to end.

Brand reputation

The Better Business Bureau gives Lull an A- rating. They report 3 complaints filed over the last 12 months. The company provides a link to their BBB rating from their website, and 2 of the 3 complaints have been resolved. Lull has over 1,000 reviews on Google Customer Reviews where it rates 4.8 out of 5 stars. 96% of those reviews are positive. On Amazon, they rate 4.1 stars out of 5 with 102 reviews. Over 6,000 customers have left reviews on the company website.

Lull has also been featured on The Today Show.

Customer feedback

As previously mentioned, Lull gets high marks for customer service with the majority of buyers. Many reports have been made of the company taking pains to ensure that purchasers are satisfied with the comfort of their mattress. They have shipped out free mattress toppers, issued rebates, and otherwise attempted to rectify any problems.


  • Conforming
  • Pressure relief
  • Spinal support
  • Price
  • Motion transfer


  • Edge support
  • Some offgassing
  • Warm sleeping

A look at the Lull mattress

The Lull mattress comes in one model and is available in 6 sizes ranging from Twin to California King. All foams used in the Lull mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified and materials were chosen with the environment in mind. The mattress is suitable for use with any base that offers center support and can be used on the floor. If used directly on the floor, the company recommends propping the mattress on its side periodically.

Lull Mattress LayersThe durable cover is made of a polyester/rayon blend, and the 10” mattress consists of the following 3 layers:

  • Upper layer: 1.5” of gel-infused memory foam. This layer is designed to contour to your body and provide a plush, luxurious feel.
  • Transition layer: 1.5” of a proprietary memory foam. This layer provides additional pressure relief as well as lumbar support. It helps create the medium-firm feel of the mattress with an extra layer of cushion and shock absorbency before the dense layer of base support underneath.
  • Base layer: 7” layer of poly foam designed for durability and compression resistance. This layer provides the bulk and shape of the mattress and prevents sagging.

Lull costs and guarantees


Model Size Dimensions Price
Lull Twin 38W” x 75L” $550
Lull Twin XL 38W” x 80L” $600
Lull Full 54W” x 75L” $750
Lull Queen 60W” x 80L” $850
Lull King 76W” x 80L” $950
Lull California King 72W” x 84L” $950

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Sleep trial

The Lull mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial. There’s no need to worry about fitting the mattress back into its original box. Once you initiate a return, Lull will issue a full refund and provide free mattress pickup and removal. The return must be initiated by the original buyer, and the company requires a two-week wait period from the time of purchase to be eligible.

Amazon buyers qualify for the trial period as well, but will need to work through Amazon. Simply go to Amazon’s Returns and Replacements page and click on “Start a Return.” While Amazon will arrange for a pick up, the cost of shipping may be deducted from your refund.


Lull will ship their mattress to your door for free (in the continental US) via FedEx. Customers report that the mattress arrives quickly. Expect it within 1-4 days of your order. You’ll receive a tracking link in your order confirmation email.

The mattress arrives in a compressed state and will weigh anywhere from 48 to 96 pounds, depending on the size. Once opened, it will fully expand within 24-48 hours. As previously noted, it does need time to air out. This company video shows the unboxing of a Lull mattress:


Lull publishes the full details of its 10-year limited warranty on the website. Coverage begins on the date of purchase and extends to product defects. Lull will either repair the mattress or replace it with a comparable model. Be aware that if you purchase the mattress through Amazon, warranty requests are handled through Amazon customer service. Defects, according to the warranty, include the following:

  • Sag or indentations greater than 1” that were not caused by improper use or a lack of proper support.
  • A manufacturing flaw in the cover zipper not caused by improper use.
  • Defects in the cover not caused by improper use.

The Lull mattress protector (sold separately) comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

How Lull performs

Motion isolation

The Lull mattress excels in this area, as do many memory foam mattresses. Each of the 3 layers of foam here will help absorb any movement on the spot without transferring it to other areas of the mattress. Sleepers have been happily satisfied in this area and report little disturbance from bed mates.

Edge support

No steps have been taken with the engineering of this mattress to provide for any improved edge support. As a result, expect to experience the usual foam-mattress sinkage while sitting on the edge and a possible lack of security if you’re an edge sleeper. In terms of the lifespan of this mattress, sinkage on repeatedly-compressed edges should be expected over time.


The Lull mattress is manufactured in the US, where standards of quality are relatively high. Lull advertises that its mattress favorably passed independent tests involving “200,000 cycles of movement and compression testing simulating 10 years of typical use and wear and tear.” This is a good sign, as is the use of materials from the US.

Keep in mind that the standard expected lifespan of a foam mattress is 10 years. The fact that the denser base layer of foam in the Lull measures at 7” is a plus.


This mattress rates a 6 on the firmness scale. Satisfied customers rave about the comfort and support, while disappointed customers most often complain that the mattress is too firm. Memory foam requires time to soften and break in, and some customers report that the Lull softened nicely after the first week. Others note that a mattress topper provided by the company created the plush quality they were missing.


For a mattress which advertises a layer of “cooling gel” foam, the customer feedback in this area is not terribly positive. Memory foam is known for sleeping warm, due to its contouring action and overall lack of airflow, and this mattress doesn’t show great improvements over the rest. The Lull includes 3 solid layers of foam without built-in air channels or any mechanisms, other than the presence of gel, to transfer body heat away from sleepers.


Lull gets mixed reviews when it comes to offgassing, but the general consensus indicates that this mattress needs to air out for several days to a week. Buyers haven’t reported problems with a lingering odor after the standard airing-out period, so the long-term picture here looks positive. Additionally, the company has taken care to use non-toxic CertiPUR-US® certified materials in the construction.


The firmness of this mattress will help in this area, but overall it won’t be ideal. A solid foam mattress, such as this one, just won’t have the responsiveness and spring or the desired give and take.

How to take care of your Lull mattress

Lull recommends using a mattress protector and makes it clear that the cover is not washable. The mattress isn’t designed to be flipped, but should be rotated every 3-6 months to ensure uniform settling of the foam. If cleaning is necessary, take care not to saturate the foam. Avoid harsh detergents and spot clean only.

Lull points out that in regions with high humidity, the use of the mattress on the floor could lead to mildew. Best practices for a foam mattress are to protect the mattress with a water-resistant cover and vacuum as needed with a soft attachment.

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