What you get with WinkBeds

WinkBeds is a direct-to-customer mattress company that offers the option of a unique built-in heating-and-cooling base in tandem with its hybrid mattress. WinkBeds’ coolControl technology allows sleepers to adjust temperature settings on their side of the bed using an iOS app or remote control. The mattress itself is sold separately from the base unit. The company, founded by CEO Dan Adler, a former Manhattan attorney, launched in 2016.

Winkbed Mattress Review

The mattress is 15” thick and falls at the higher-end of the price spectrum in comparison to other direct-to-consumer brands. The price is more comparable to retail brands, such as Sealy. This hybrid mattress consists of 2 distinct layers of pocketed coils, 3 layers of foam, a lumbar pad, a perimeter layer of high-ILD foam, and a Tencel cover. WinkBeds offers optional bases, including the coolControl base, and three firmness levels on its mattress.

Here are  some key characteristics that WinkBeds does well:

  • Edge support: As a hybrid of foam and foam-encased coils with a perimeter layer of high-ILD (meaning very sturdy) foam, WinkBeds provides better edge support than what you would find in many memory foam models.
  • Temperature control: Using a layer of pocketed micro-springs, a layer of gel foam, and a Tencel fabric cover, this brand has placed a good deal of emphasis on airflow and breathability. The optional coolControl base uses proprietary technology to filter conditioned air through the mattress from below and allows sleepers to customize the temperature on their side of the bed. According to the company, the technology is similar to that of car seats with a heating and cooling feature.
  • Delivery: A WinkBed isn’t shipped in a compressed state, like the typical bed-in-a-box versions of direct-to-consumer mattresses. This brand hand delivers and sets up the mattress and will even take away your old one (The company calls this the “white glove” service, and it costs $159).

A few potential weaknesses to consider with this brand are:

  • Expense: Even if you only buy the mattress without the coolControl base, you’ll pay more for this brand than many others available for shopping directly online. The substantial size of the mattress at 15” thickness as well as the quality of construction and materials should be taken into consideration along with the price.
  • Firmness: The WinkBed has a hybrid spring/foam construction and won’t feature the sinkage or overall plush feel of the standard memory-foam models. Like many mattresses built with micro-coils, the WinkBed will start out on the firmer side and then soften after 30-45 days. The company recommends rotating the mattress every 2 weeks for the first few months to ensure uniform settling of the various layers.
  • Maneuverability: While the compressed and rolled memory-foam mattresses in a box are fairly portable for setup, a WinkBed arrives in its full mattress state. Tight corners or stairways would bring the same consideration as any store-bought mattress. According to the company website, the King mattress weighs in at 93 lbs.

Price (Queen): $1299 ($3499 with coolControl base)
Type: Hybrid
Sleep trial: 101 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Shipping: Free
Manufactured in: US

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About WinkBeds

Brand history

WinkBeds’ mattresses are made in Wisconsin by Symbol Mattress, and the brand recently joined the list of new tech-savvy startups bringing manufacturing back to the US. Launched in 2017, they intend to disrupt the luxury mattress space with the first factory-direct hybrid mattress of its kind.

Founder Dan Adler is a former college athlete, and the company initially billed their product as “a mattress for athletes and high performers.” The combination of durable American-made materials with patented thermoelectric technology is winning attention in places like TechCrunch, FastCompany, and DigitalTrends.

Brand reputation

WinkBeds is not rated by the Better Business Bureau at this time. There are 972 customer reviews on the company website and of those, 735 rate the mattress 5 stars. Among Amazon shoppers, 71 percent of those rate the mattress at 5 stars, and only 5% rate the bed below 3 stars.

Customer feedback

Customer reviewers on the company website love the comfort and support of the mattress and rave about the personalized customer service. It is noted by some that the 101-night trial period does not extend to the bed base, just the mattress. The delivery service gets mixed reviews, but trends on the positive side. Here is an overview of what you’ll find in customer reviews:


  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality of the materials and construction
  • Comfort
  • Improved sleep and pain relief


  • 101-night trial doesn’t extend to the base, just the mattress
  • You must wait 30 days to return during the trial period
  • Too firm
  • Lack of pressure point relief

A look at the WinkBed mattress

The WinkBed mattress comes in one model with 7 sizes including Twin XL and a Split King. It’s billed as a luxury hybrid spring/foam mattress available in 4 firmness levels and made up of 6 layers. The cover is a Tencel fabric which is environmentally friendly and breathable. The remaining layers include two “designer” foams that create the cushion top, a layer of micro-coils, a layer of dense cotton, a base layer of pocketed coils, and a perimeter layer of dense foam.

WinkBed Mattress Layers

You have the option to purchase a matching low profile 5” foundation or the coolControl base for temperature control. Both foundations look like traditional box springs. The company recommends pairing the mattress with one of them for maximum comfort and durability, but notes that a slatted or platform base will work.

Here’s the composition of the individual layers, which, together with the cover, measure 15”.

  • Foam layers: The two top layers of memory foam consist of 1” of lightweight “hypersoft” foam and 1” of gel infused foam. These layers offer contouring and support as well as the cooling benefit of the gel.
  • Spring layers: The spring layers include a 2.4” layer of foam-encased micro-coils and a base layer of larger foam-encased pocket coils. Both coil layers are designed to maximize airflow.
  • Support layers: The support layers include an inner layer of cotton which separates the two coil layers, and a perimeter layer of dense foam designed to resist compression.

All WinkBeds are manufactured in the US.

WinkBed mattress costs and guarantees


Model Size Firmness Price
WinkBed Twin Softer $749
WinkBed Twin Luxury Firm $749
WinkBed Twin Firmer $749
WinkBed Twin Plus $949
WinkBed Twin XL Softer $849
WinkBed Twin XL Luxury Firm $849
WinkBed Twin XL Firmer $849
WinkBed Twin XL Plus $1049
WinkBed Full Softer $999
WinkBed Full Luxury Firm $999
WinkBed Full Firmer $999
WinkBed Full Plus $1199
WinkBed Queen Softer $1299
WinkBed Queen Luxury Firm $1299
WinkBed Queen Firmer $1299
WinkBed Queen Plus $1499
WinkBed King Softer $1499
WinkBed King Luxury Firm $1499
WinkBed King Firmer $1499
WinkBed King Plus $1699
WinkBed Split King Softer $1698
WinkBed Split King Luxury Firm $1698
WinkBed Split King Firmer $1698
WinkBed Split King Plus $2098
WinkBed California King Softer $1549
WinkBed California King Luxury Firm $1549
WinkBed California King Firmer $1549
WinkBed California King Plus $1749

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Sleep trial

WinkBeds offers a trial period of 101 nights. You must keep the bed at least 30 nights, however, before you can return it. If after 30 nights you aren’t satisfied, the company will arrange to have the mattress picked up for free, and you’ll be issued a full refund. The trial does’t extend to either of the bases at this time.

An exchange is also available with this mattress. For a fee of $50, they’ll pick up your mattress and replace it with a softer or firmer model.


Expect to receive your mattress in 7 to 14 days after ordering online. Free shipping is available to your door. The “white glove” delivery service ($159) includes full installation of the mattress and removal of your old mattress, but does not include installation of the coolControl base. WinkBeds ships to the continental US only.

See the entire WinkBed setup in this company video describing the coolControl system:


This company offers a 10-year limited warranty on the mattress to protect you against manufacturing defects. To qualify for this non-prorated warranty, you must use a base with center support legs and slats placed not more than 4” apart. Damage caused by a non-matching base is not covered.

You must retain your sales receipt and maintain the law tag from the mattress. The warranty doesn’t cover shipping cost in the case of a defect, meaning you would be responsible for paying for shipping to return the defective mattress.

How the WinkBed performs

Motion isolation

Billed as a luxury hybrid model, this mattress exhibits the motion isolation you would expect from a high-end retail brand. The additional inner support layer, high-density perimeter support, and top layers of memory foam will all contribute to reduced motion transfer. Keep in mind that the inner coil layers will add some give and take, so this mattress won’t provide the total motion isolation of a full memory-foam model.

Edge support

WinkBeds excels in this area. The extra perimeter layer of foam is dense and supportive. Edge sleepers won’t notice any appreciable compression at the side of the bed. The mattress provides excellent support to ensure that anyone sitting at the edge of the bed will feel comfortable and secure without a sense of collapse.


This mattress has been constructed of high-quality and durable materials. The brand has arrived on the scene recently, so proof of longevity is unavailable. The facts that WinkBeds has taken pains to source quality materials and prides itself on manufacturing its products in the US are positive indicators.


The most popular model of the WinkBed, the Luxury Firm, falls at a 6.5 on the firmness scale. In general, you won’t have the sense of being stuck in this mattress, you’ll have plenty of back support, and stomach sleepers should feel they’re sleeping on top of the mattress rather than engulfed in it. Side sleepers could find this level of firmness a bit much for maximum comfort around pressure points.

The “Softer” and “Firmer” models rate at a 4.5 and 7.5 on the firmness scale respectively. Softer will provide an extra layer of plush foam and lighter coils, while Firmer will provide less flexible coils. The “Plus” model is designed to rate at 6.5 for sleepers over 300 pounds.


The coil-on-coil inner structure of the mattress is designed with maximum airflow in mind. The plush memory foam layers and Tencel cover all share an emphasis on breathability and are intended to provide the plush pillow sensation without the usual warming effect.

The coolControl compatible base system offers an advanced level of customized temperature control that isn’t available for other factory-direct brands, although it comes at a price of $2200.


Some offgassing in the first few days has been reported by customer reviewers. No excessive chemical smell or lingering odor has been noted, and all the foam materials used in the bed are CertiPUR-US certified. The company has taken steps to avoid toxic chemicals and those steps seem to have paid off fairly well in this area.


The double coil structure of the WinkBed model will make for a slightly springier feel than memory foam. This is a solidly built mattress, but will still have a bit of bounce. Expect some sinkage due to the foam layers, especially the “ultra-soft” top layer. Even so, this mattress should perform better in this area than other memory-foam models.

How to take care of your WinkBed mattress

The WinkBeds care guidelines include these basic instructions:

  • Vacuum only, using the upholstery attachment
  • Use a mattress pad that won’t restrict airflow (non-laminate)
  • For even break-in of the foam layers, rotate every 2 weeks for the first 3 months
  • Rotate every 2 months after the initial break-in period

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