What you get with the Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress

Zinus is a mattress company known for offering a wide range of very affordable mattress options. They have two memory foam models, one of which is the Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress (the other being the Zinus Cooling Gel mattress). This Zinus memory foam mattress is offered in 5 different size options with 4 different firmness levels. The Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress is a popular choice on Amazon with thousands of reviews.

The Pressure Relief Green Tea model is made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam and infused with a green tea extract and ActivCharcoal to maintain freshness and odor control.

A few key characteristics of the Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress are:

  • Affordability: This is a quality mattress at a very reasonable price. It doesn’t come equipped with all the bells and whistles of some of the luxury brands as you would expect.
  • Motion isolation: True to form for a foam mattress, the motion isolation here is excellent. If you share a bed with a restless sleeper, this fits the bill.
  • Pressure relief: Memory foam excels in this area, and this mattress, despite its lower price point, does not disappoint.

These are the potential weaknesses of the Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress:

  • Durability: With the firm mattress at 6” of thickness total and just 5” of the higher density base foam, you shouldn’t expect the longevity of the thicker, heavier mattresses on the market. Products and materials manufactured in China often have less quality control than in the US.
  • Expansion and setup: Several customer reviews, enough to see a trend, mention that the mattress either has not expanded to the exact size specified, or took quite some time to do so. To prevent sagging, the platform base is recommended.

Price (Queen): $101 to $329
Type: Memory foam
Sleep trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Shipping: Free
Manufactured in: China

About Zinus

Brand history

The company was founded in 1979 and expanded to the US in 1984. Zinus is based in Asia with a U.S. Sales and Marketing base in California. Zinus, Inc., encompasses many other mattress brands, such as Night Therapy, Slumber 1, and Sleep Revolution. Mattresses are manufactured in China, with 3 distribution facilities in the US and 1 in Canada.

The Zinus manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China, is a vast operation with over a million square feet of space for production. Retailers for Zinus-made mattresses include Wal-mart, Costco, and Amazon. Zinus mattresses are available directly from their website.

Brand reputation

Zinus has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More information about BBB and its mission is available online.

Although you’ll find some negative press for the company online, the great majority of customer reviews of the Zinus brand mattresses are satisfactory. On Google, Zinus has received over 1,700 reviews and ranks at 4.5/5 stars overall.

Customer feedback

Both positive and negative reviewers note that the mattress cover should not be removed to wash, so adding a cover would be advised. Here are some of the other customer-cited pros and cons:


  • Comfort
  • Pressure relief
  • Support (reviews trend on the firm side)


  • Quality of the cover material
  • Need for a solid platform base to prevent sagging
  • Customer service (specifically the lack of delivery information after the product was purchased)
  • Too firm

A look at the Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress

Like other bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Zinus mattress will be compressed, vacuum sealed, and delivered to your door in a box. The box should be opened, and the mattress removed immediately. The mattresses are compatible with any base, but the platform base is recommended. For an adjustable base, the company recommends either an 8” or 10” mattress.

The Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress is composed of a knitted jacquard cover, a layer of memory foam, and a base support layer of high-density foam. While the firm mattresses stop there, the medium-firm and plush options, which increase in thickness from the 6” firm up to the 14” plush, include one or two extra layers of high-density foam for added cushion. The base support layer ranges anywhere from 3.5” to 6” depending on the chosen thickness .

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review

The company is clear that the mattress cover should be left on and is not to be removed for washing. Like other memory foam mattresses, these are not designed to be flipped over and rotating is optional.

The ingredients used in the green tea extract, and the “ActivCharcoal” are not made readily available by the company. However, the charcoal ingredient is likely a filtering agent, like activated charcoal, used for its absorbent qualities.

All Zinus mattresses are manufactured in China.

Zinus costs and guarantees


Model Size Thickness Price
Pressure Relief Green Tea Twin 6” $101
Pressure Relief Green Tea Twin 8” $146
Pressure Relief Green Tea Twin 10” $180
Pressure Relief Green Tea Twin 12” $170
Pressure Relief Green Tea Full 6” $126
Pressure Relief Green Tea Full 8” $179
Pressure Relief Green Tea Full 10” $210
Pressure Relief Green Tea Full 12” $219
Pressure Relief Green Tea Queen 6” $135
Pressure Relief Green Tea Queen 8” $205
Pressure Relief Green Tea Queen 10” $260
Pressure Relief Green Tea Queen 12” $269
Pressure Relief Green Tea King 6” $168
Pressure Relief Green Tea King 8” $251
Pressure Relief Green Tea King 10” $330
Pressure Relief Green Tea King 12” $329
Pressure Relief Green Tea California King 12” $329

Sleep trial

Zinus offers a 100-night home trial. The mattress is shipped via FedEx. To return, the mattress must be stain free and in good condition with the original paperwork. Call the company for a shipping label, then contact FedEx to arrange pick up.


The mattress will ship via FedEx after a 2-3 day processing period. The company states that they’ll send a tracking number to your email. Customer reviews have noted that the package may arrive without warning.

This video shows company footage of the unboxing of a Zinus memory foam mattress:


Zinus offers a 10-year limited warranty that protects you against defects in workmanship and materials. They will either replace your mattress or issue a prorated refund. You must register your mattress to be eligible for the warranty.

Conditions which void the warranty include:

  • Use of a heating pad or electric blanket
  • Use with an “improper base”
  • Removal of the Law Tag

How the Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea Mattress performs

Motion isolation

Zinus performs well and even exceeds expectation in this area. With, on average, a 3” top layer of memory foam in the Pressure Relief model, this mattress will deliver the classic hugging sensation of memory foam and allow little to no bounce.

Edge support

Foam mattresses don’t excel when it comes to edge support, and with the use of lighter-weight foam, Zinus is no exception. Sleepers on the heavier side won’t find the desirable support for edge sleeping and sitting. A foam mattress can’t compete with coil in this area.


As previously noted, durability is not a strong suit for a Zinus mattress constructed from materials made in China and manufactured there. Factors that come into play here are the quality of the cover fabric, the use of lighter-weight foam, and the lack of depth in some of the models. The firm versions of any size Pressure Relief mattress measures at only 6”.


The Zinus memory foam mattresses rate at a 6 out of 10 for firmness as a group, placing them in the medium-firm range. You do have a wide range of thickness options, and thousands of customers who opted for the plusher 12” models report satisfaction.


Zinus uses a lighter (3 lb. per square foot) memory foam than some companies, and this lightness should contribute to airflow. However, at 3” of memory foam on top of the denser support foam, these mattresses will have the body contouring aspect that foam mattresses are known for and that create a warmer sleeping experience.


This is an area of strength for Zinus. The addition in the Pressure Relief Green Tea models of a layer designed specifically for absorption and infused with green tea extract and absorbent charcoal material is a plus. Very few comments have been made by customer reviewers noticing any offgassing even in the early days, and it seems the freshness claim is well founded.


A Zinus foam mattress exhibits the classic motion absorption of typical memory foam. Therefore, a nice degree of bounce and a desirable bit of give and take will be missing. The typical sinkage and body contouring that memory foam is known for abound, meaning Zinus will come up just a bit short in this area.

How to take care of your Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea mattress

Zinus does not publish care guidelines for their mattresses on the website, except to say that the mattress cover is not washable. Follow the standard procedures for cleaning and maintaining any memory-foam mattress when caring for your Zinus mattress.

  • Never soak a memory-foam mattress with any liquid.
  • All spot-cleaning should be done without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Use mild detergents mixed with warm water or a vinegar-and-water mixture to lightly sponge the affected area.
  • Vacuum all sides regularly using a brush attachment.

This mattress cannot be flipped, but rotating regularly is advisable. When moving your mattress, be careful to lift rather than drag to protect the cover as well as the foam.

Connect with Zinus

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