What you get with Amerisleep AS4

Online retailer Amerisleep is a direct-to-consumer bedding company that offers an eco-friendly memory foam mattress in 5 models. The AS4 model (formerly the Colonial) is their medium-soft mattress, designed to be perfect for side and combination sleepers looking for extra pressure relief.

This 12-inch foam mattress consists of 4 layers including a Celliant-blend cover, a top layer of cooling foam, a zoned transition layer, and a support core of high-density foam. The manufacturing process used by Amerisleep for all its mattresses is designed to protect the environment by using plant-based materials where possible in place of the petroleum traditionally used to make foam.

Here are some key characteristics that make the Amerisleep AS4 model a great choice:

  • Temperature control: Like the other Amerisleep models, this one has been designed for maximum airflow and cooling despite its all-foam construction. The top layer of foam features an open-cell structure to help transfer heat away from the body. The Celliant-blend cover contains a cooling thermoreactive material that transforms and dissipates body heat, and the transition layer is made of a channeled foam designed to carry heat and moisture out of the mattress.
  • Pressure relief: The AS4 is one of the softest mattresses in the Amerisleep line. It provides a 5” comfort layer above the high-density support layer. This includes 4” of plush open-celled memory foam and 1” of convoluted poly foam which together provide adequate spinal support with the body contouring and softness that side sleepers generally need.
  • Reputation: 97% of reviewers on the Amerisleep website would recommend this mattress to a friend, and the company has an A+ rating with the BBB. The AS4 mattress earns 4.7 stars out of 5 from reviewers, also on the company website, and a 92% positive rating on Google.

There are also a few potential weaknesses to note when considering the AS4 mattress for your home:

  • Price: This mattress features benefits that you won’t always find with a 100% foam mattress, but these features come at a cost. The manufacturing process that creates a more durable foam with less impact on the environment is one of those features that many find worth the expense. The cooling and breathability built in to several of the layers and the extra inches of foam are others.
  • Firmness: In terms of negative reviews from customers, enough describe the mattress as “too firm” to see a trend. Many of these customers appreciate the overall quality of the mattress but desire an even more plush feeling and end up opting for the AS5, Amerisleep’s softest model.  

Price (Queen): $1699
Type: Memory foam
Sleep trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 20 years (First 10 years unlimited; second 10 years prorated)
Shipping: Free in contiguous US
Manufactured in: US

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About Amerisleep

Brand history

Amerisleep’s parent company is One Mall Group, founded by online entrepreneurs, Firas Kittaneh, Moe Kittaneh, and Joey Holt. Amerisleep generated $30 million in revenue in 2016. The company launched its rebrand in June 2017, when it renamed its mattresses.

Amerisleep has recently opened brick-and-mortar locations in Arizona, Australia, and South Korea where they emphasize sleep education and pride themselves on replacing overbearing salespeople with staff members trained in sleep science. Aside from the brick-and-mortar stores, the mattresses are currently available on the website and through Amazon.

Brand reputation

The OMG companies Astrabed and Amerisleep have jointly earned an A+ from the BBB.

The AS4 mattress receives high marks for comfort and quality on the company website, where it has earned 4.7 out of 5 stars. 97% of reviewers there say they would recommend the mattress to a friend.

The company has received attention in the press for the fact that their manufacturing process is the only one for foam which exceeds the standards of the Clean Air Act. The method uses plants to replace some petroleum.

Customer feedback

Customer reviewers rave about both comfort and customer service with this mattress. As mentioned before, a common complaint from negative reviewers is that the mattress is firmer than expected. Some of the other trends in customer reviews:


  • Soft but still supportive
  • Customer service
  • Little offgassing
  • Maintains its shape
  • Cooling


  • Too firm
  • Lack of edge support

A look at the Amerisleep AS4 mattress

The AS4 is Amerisleep’s medium-soft mattress billed as best for side sleepers. It comes in 7 sizes ranging from Twin to Split King. This foam mattress is made up of 3 core layers and a removable Celliant-blend fabric top cover. It has built-in cooling features including the addition of a transition layer. The mattress is manufactured in the US.

The three main layers together with the cover measure 12 inches total and consist of the following:

  • Base layer: The foundation of the mattress is a 7” support layer of high-density poly foam. This layer provides the compression support and shape of the mattress and balances out the body contouring and softness of the comfort layer. Amerisleep refers to their high-density foam as Bio-Core foam.
  • Mid layer: The center transition layer provides 1” of convoluted foam. This layer is zoned to provide extra support in the shoulder area and lower back region. Its channels ensure airflow and temperature regulation.
  • Top layer: The 4” top layer consists of Bio-Pur memory foam for pressure relief, body contouring, and temperature control. The company describes this as an open-celled, breathable memory foam, which adds another cooling feature.

Amerisleep AS4 costs and guarantees


Model Size Dimensions Price
AS4 Twin 38” x 74” $1399
AS4 Twin XL 38” x 80” $1449
AS4 Full 54” x 75” $1549
AS4 Queen 60” x 80” $1699
AS4 King 76” x 80” $1899
AS4 California King 72” x 84” $1899
AS4 Split King 38” x 80” (2) $2698

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Sleep trial

Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial including free shipping and free home pickup for returns. Customers report an easy return process. f you order the product through Amazon, however, returns are handled by Amazon rather than the company.


Amerisleep offers free shipping to the contiguous US via FedEx with curbside delivery. Curbside delivery means the shipper will not set up your bed or bring the mattress into your home.

Expect delivery within 10 business days of your order. You can track your order status through your account online. Delivery outside of the contiguous US can be arranged by calling their toll-free number, (800) 500-4233.

Watch company footage of the unboxing of an Amerisleep mattress here:


Amerisleep mattresses come with a 20-year non-transferable warranty. The warranty is divided into two 10-year parts – a full warranty and a prorated warranty. This means that during the first 10 years, the mattress will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. During the last 10 years, the cost to repair or replace a defective mattress will be 50% of the original purchase price plus transportation and shipping.

The AS4 warranty covers indentation greater than 0.75” where 1” is standard. Customers using the mattress with a box spring will need to cover it with a sheet of moisture-resistant plywood to prevent voiding the warranty.

How Amerisleep AS4 performs

Motion isolation

Foam mattresses excel in this area. The Amerisleep AS4 consists of 3 layers of high-quality foam which should absorb motion easily. The channeled transition layer indicates just a bit more give and take over solid foam, but at 1” this layer shouldn’t produce enough spring to disturb sleep.

Edge support

With the additional memory foam in the comfort layer of this mattress, you can expect some edge collapse when sitting. The solid 7 inches of high-density foam in the base layer should prove supportive enough for edge sleeping without collapse.


Although it’s early to have data on the longevity of this mattress, all indicators point to durability. The company uses a patented manufacturing process which is thought to produce a longer-lasting foam. Customer feedback shows satisfaction with the quality of this bed and no indication of sagging, which is a good sign overall.


The AS4 is on the soft end of the spectrum among all of Amerisleep’s models, and is referred to by the company as medium-soft. Only the AS5 is softer. For back and stomach sleepers, one of the AS1, AS2, or AS3 models will most likely be more suitable. Reports of this mattress being too firm for certain side sleepers with shoulder or hip pain have been made by a few, so if you’re a side sleeper who experiences soreness while sleeping you’ll want to carefully compare this model with the softer AS5.


This is another area in which Amerisleep mattresses excel. From the construction of the open-cell memory foam to the cover, the AS4 has been designed to solve the problem of memory foam that traps body heat and sleeps hot. Evidence from purchasers indicate that the cooling features, such as the Celliant cover, work well.


Customer have not complained about any lingering odor with the AS4 and a few reviewers specifically mention that offgassing was not a problem. The fact that the foam is specially processed to reduce chemicals is a good sign.


Memory foam mattresses without some sort of hybrid feature don’t perform well in this area. The AS4 with a thick comfort layer will not provide much bounce if any. The same body contouring that make for a plush sleeping experience will probably hamper quick movement on this mattress. While high on comfort, when it comes to sex this model may not be your top choice.

How to take care of your Amerisleep AS4 mattress

Amerisleep mattresses are not meant to be flipped, and regular rotating isn’t necessary, according to the company. A waterproof mattress protector is recommended to protect the foam as well as your warranty. A spill that caused the foam to break down in any way would void the warranty.

The Celliant cover is removable and washable, and the mattress may be vacuumed using a soft brush attachment. When spot cleaning, avoid harsh chemicals. Use a mild detergent mixed with water, or a vinegar and water mixture in a spray bottle. This method allows you to use only the amount of liquid needed to remove a stain. Be sure the mattress is never soaked with water or other liquids.

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