All about mattresses under $2,000

Shopping for a high-quality mattress can really put a dent in your wallet. This is especially true if you do your mattress shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. There, the price of operating and paying employees to man a physical location gets passed along to consumers in the form of higher mattress prices.

That all changed with the birth of the direct-to-consumer mattress industry. Companies like Loom & Leaf and Nest Bedding discovered that they were able to provide a high-quality, low-cost mattress if they simply skipped the middleman and shipped it directly to their customers.

This means that consumers can find mattresses made out of high-quality and even all-natural materials for under $2,000. While this is still a serious investment, direct-to-consumer mattresses at this price level provide a big savings when compared to similar store-bought mattresses.

In this page, we’ll discuss some of the most important factors to consider when shopping online for a mattress under $2,000 and make our picks for the best mattresses under $2,000. We’ll also review a few of our top picks in this category. Note that all of our picks feature Queen-sized mattresses that are under $2,000; your mattress may be more expensive if you choose a King.

Brand/ModelPrice/Discount HighlightsTrial Period/Warranty Mattress TypeOur Review
Loom & Leaf
Get free white glove delivery and mattress removal
Firm, extra support for side sleepers, even weight distribution, free white glove delivery120 nights / 15 yearsMemory foam
Alexander Signature Series
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Good support and bounce, no offgassing, improved edge support, above-average warranty100 nights / 20 yearsMemory foam
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8 layer hybrid mattress, sleeps cool, luxury materials, Everlong warranty365 nights / Lifetime warrantyHybrid
Get free white glove delivery
All-natural latex, flippable with two different firmness options, good motion isolation 120 nights / 10 yearsLatex
Amerisleep AS3
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High degree of pressure relief and motion isolation, sleeps cool, above-average durability100 nights / 20 yearsMemory foam
Avocado Green Mattress
$1,399 ($1,799 with added pillow top)Hybrid latex and innerspring coils, eco-friendly, great pressure relief, no offgassing100 nights / 25 yearsLatex hybrid
$1,299 ($3,499 with coolControl base)
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Hybrid foam and pocketed coils, lumbar pad for extra support, four firmness options101 nights / 10 years Hybrid

What to look for in a mattress under $2,000

Does a mattress that costs just under $2,000 truly provide a different sleeping experience from one that costs under $500? If so, what makes them different? The first thing to know about shopping for a high-end mattress is that just because one mattress costs more than another doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a better one. It’s important to look beyond marketing jargon to see how a mattress is designed and what kind of service the manufacturer provides.

Here are a few things that savvy mattress shoppers should look for when researching the best-rated mattresses under $2,000:

Design: When you shop for a cheap mattress, you’ll find lots of old-fashioned mattress designs that only feature innerspring coil technology, as well as some thinner foam mattresses. As your price point moves  higher, you’ll find mattresses that use a diverse array of sleep technology in their designs. You’ll find mattresses that utilize innerspring coils, as well as mattresses that feature strategic layers of foam for pressure relief and support. You’ll also find hybrid mattresses that combine innerspring coils and layers of foam to provide the best of both worlds.

Type of materials used: While inexpensive mattresses use lower-quality materials, mattresses in higher price tiers command higher-quality materials. This means a move away from synthetic materials and towards more natural materials (like Talalay latex) that provide comfort while releasing less toxic chemicals and creating minimal impact on the environment.

Thickness: One of the biggest differences you’ll notice as you move up in mattress quality and price is the higher you go, the thicker the mattresses become. This is because thinner mattresses require fewer materials to produce, making them a less expensive product. When you shop for a bed under $2,000, you’ll find mattresses that are thick and feature various layers for comfort and relief of achy joints, support layers to ensure that you don’t feel as though you’re sinking into the mattress, as well as transition layers that lie between these two realms. Each layer is strategically placed to create ideal comfort for that specific mattress, which is why most of the high-end mattresses you’ll find are not designed to be flipped.

Sleep trial and warranty: One signature of high-end mattress manufacturer is their desire for customers to really get a chance to try and enjoy a new mattress before deciding whether to keep it. A generous sleep trial gives consumers ample time to break in a new mattress and see how it feels before time runs out. In addition to this, look for a manufacturer that will stand behind its products with a lengthy warranty; this demonstrates that they expect their mattresses to hold up well over time.

Good customer service: Especially since you’re researching mattresses in a higher price range, it’s important that you get one that you absolutely love. This means that it’s also important to buy from a company that’s known for good customer service. That way, if you have questions or problems with your mattress, you can rest assured that the company will work with you to achieve a resolution and not simply leave you stranded with a mattress that makes your back ache.

What to expect from a mattress under $2,000

While some people may be hesitant to spend close to $2,000 for a mattress when there are lesser-priced options available, finding the right mattress is an excellent investment. Here’s what you can expect from a mattress under $2,000:  

Multiple layers: As mentioned above, higher-priced mattresses are thicker than their lower-priced counterparts. This is because they feature multiple layers that all work together to provide comfort and support. You may find memory foam comfort layers for body contouring, poly foam support cores, or even innerspring coils that can provide support and/or provide body contouring. Understanding what each layer does will help you as you shop for the best mattress for your sleep habits and body type.

Support: A thicker mattress will naturally provide greater support. This is essential for sleepers who suffer from back pain. It’s also important for people with a heavier body weight for whom a thinner mattress may sag or compress, causing them to feel unsupported and uncomfortable.

Durability: You’ll note that higher-end mattress manufacturers have the longest warranties. This is because their mattresses are made of better materials and are expected to hold up well and last longer than lesser-priced options.

Natural and certified materials: Many mattresses under $2,000 are made with materials that are all-natural and come with certifications that let consumers know the product is eco-friendly. Mattresses made with less expensive synthetic materials often create a chemical “offgassing” odor when they’re unpackaged; those made with natural materials (such as natural latex) don’t have this problem.

Pros and cons of mattresses under $2,000

No mattress is perfect, although we work hard to help our readers find the one that’s best for them. Even so, every mattress has its pros and cons. Here are some of the pluses and drawbacks of purchasing a mattress at the higher end of the price range.


  • Comfort: With multiple layers that are carefully-designed to create a specific sleeping experience, higher-end mattresses are often much more comfortable than cheaper options.
  • Offgassing: Because extending the price range up to $2,000 gives you the option to exclude mattresses made of synthetic materials, offgassing is less of a problem.
  • Longevity: A more durable mattress means that once you go through the research and purchasing process, you’ll be able to enjoy your new mattress for many years without it sagging, breaking down, or creating discomfort.


  • Price: The biggest drawback of a higher-priced mattress is paying more, although for people who need additional support or who are purchasing a full-time mattress for their master bedroom, this investment can be well-worth it.
  • Not one-size-fits-all: Just because you spend more on a mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one. Regardless of price, consumers still need to choose a mattress based on materials, support, and sleeping temperature, as well as their personal preferences and body type.

What type of sleeper should consider a mattress under $2,000?

As they research mattresses, most people tend to wonder when it makes sense to spend more. Is it always worth it to spring for a pricier mattress? Is there ever a situation in which choosing a cheaper mattress is the way to go? The following types of sleepers do best when opting for a higher-quality mattress:

No budget: If money is not a consideration, it makes sense to spring for a mattress with the best materials and technology. Quality of sleep is important, so mattress-buying is an area you don’t want to cut corners if you don’t have to.

Sleepers with back pain: One of the biggest causes of back pain is sleeping on the wrong mattress, particularly if a mattress is too soft or is made of materials that lack support. Before suggesting physical therapy or more extreme options such as surgery, many doctors recommend a new mattress as a first-line defense against back pain.

Heavyweight sleepers: Cheap mattresses tend to be thinner, which means some of them aren’t good options for heavyweight sleepers. The additional layers in more expensive mattresses help keep heavier sleepers feeling supported all night long.

Going out and purchasing the most expensive mattress option doesn’t make sense for everyone, however. The following people should look for lower-priced mattress options:

Sleepers on a budget: Cheaper mattresses may not have all the bells and whistles that a mattress just under $2,000 has, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a truly comfortable one. If you’re on a budget, research carefully to find a lower-cost mattress that will give you all that you need. Sleepers on a serious budget should check out our best cheap mattress under $500, while those who can make a slightly larger investment should see our picks for the best mattresses under $1000.

Shopping for guest room: If you’re shopping for a guest room mattress, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot for a mattress that will only be used on occasion. In this situation, it makes sense to save.

Parents: Kids don’t weigh as much and don’t need the layers of support that heavier sleepers require. They’re also notoriously hard on mattresses (think jumping around and spilling juice). It’s perfectly acceptable to opt for a lesser-priced mattress for your kids’ rooms.

The best mattresses under $2,000

Now that you know what to look for and expect from these types of high-end mattresses, let’s discuss a few of the standouts on the market today. Our mattress picks are based on data we’ve compiled and what we’ve seen from consumer reviews. We make our choices based on factors such as quality, durability, user-friendliness (does a mattress sleep hot or give off a smell?), as well as how well the manufacturer stands behind their product with their sleep trial and warranty.

Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf sets itself apart by offering free white glove setup and removal of your old mattress; other companies charge an additional fee for these services. The Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress is made from Certi-PUR-US certified foam, making it an excellent choice for people with a sensitivity to chemical odors. The low offgassing means that consumers can get all of the benefits of memory foam – including body contouring and motion isolation – without the common drawback of a lingering odor.


  • Firmness levels: The Loom & Leaf mattress is available in two firmness levels. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most firm), their relaxed firm option rates between 5 and 7, while their firm mattress falls between 7 and 9.
  • Installation service: For customers who are unable to move a mattress in a box and install it themselves, the complimentary white glove setup is a real benefit.
  • Temperature: Memory foam sleeps notoriously hot, but the Loom & Leaf mattress has holes designed into the top comfort layer that allow airflow that keeps sleepers cool and comfortable.
  • Sleep trial: Loom & Leaf provides its customers with 120 nights to test out their new mattress. If a customer is unsatisfied during this trial period, the company will remove the mattress and issue a full refund, minus the delivery fee.

For more information about the Loom & Leaf mattress, check out our full Loom & Leaf mattress review.

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Alexander Signature Series

The Alexander Signature Series was introduced by Nest Bedding soon after the company’s launch in 2012. The mattress was completely revamped four years later, however, to include better-quality materials and greater edge support. Today’s Alexander Signature Series mattress offers solid support, as well as comfortable pressure relief. It’s available in three different firmness levels that allow consumers to better fine-tune their sleep experience.


  • No offgassing: The CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and other materials in the Alexander Signature Series mattress create no offensive odors after it’s unpackaged.
  • Bounce: Mattresses with memory foam layers can often restrict movement, but the transition and visco foam in the Alexander Signature Series mattress provides enough support and bounce that customers have no problems with moving around or making love on this mattress.
  • Edge support: In its redesign, Nest Bedding specifically worked to improve the edge support for the Alexander Signature Series. Consumers report that they can sleep on the edge of this mattress with very little sinkage, although it does compress significantly when sitting directly on the edge of it.
  • 20-year warranty: Nest Bedding provides a lengthy 20-year warranty to cover defects in workmanship and quality in each of its mattresses.

To read more about the Alexander Signature Series mattress, click here for our full Alexander Signature Series mattress review.

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The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress that combines 8 layers of memory foam, latex, and innercoil springs, as well as a support core of high-density foam. The inclusion of the innercoil system helps provide additional support throughout the mattress, including along the edges.

  • Motion isolation: While the innerspring coils provides a bit of bounce, the design of the coil system and the inclusion of foam layers provide excellent motion isolation for people who sleep with a partner.
  • Sleeps cool: The DreamCloud mattress features cooling gel-infused memory foam in its top layer, as well as pocketed coils that are designed to maximize airflow and keep sleepers at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • High-quality materials: Although DreamCloud is a new company in the direct-to-consumer market, this mattress is expected to rate well in terms of durability based on the attention to detail and high-quality, certified materials used in its construction.
  • Warranty: DreamCloud offers an “Everlong” warranty on all of its mattresses, which means that the company guarantees its products to be defect-free for the entire length of ownership.
  • Price: The DreamCloud mattress is not only available at a lower price than its competitors at brick-and-mortar mattress stores; it’s also priced much lower than similar luxury mattresses on the direct-to-consumer mattress market.

Read more about the DreamCloud mattress on our full DreamCloud mattress review page.

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Unlike many other direct-to-consumer companies that deliver mattresses compressed and sealed inside a box, Zenhaven by Saatva hand-delivers and installs their mattresses in a stable condition. Their all-natural Talalay latex mattresses feature a different firmness level on each side; customers can flip their mattress to customize their firmness. Highlights:

  • All-natural latex: The Talalay latex used for Zenhaven mattresses is eco-friendly and doesn’t put off any harsh or unpleasant fumes, making it a great choice for customers who are sensitive to the chemical odors emitted from synthetic foam.
  • Firmness options: One side of the Zenhaven mattress is a luxury plush firmness level, which falls at around a 4 or 5 on a 1 to 10 firmness scale (with 10 being the most firm). The opposite side is gentle firm, which rates at around 7 or 8.
  • Bounce: While memory foam gives sleepers the feeling of sinking into their bed, latex foam has greater support and bounce, meaning that it doesn’t inhibit movement and is ideal for lovemaking.
  • Motion isolation: Despite the degree of bounce, the Zenhaven mattress still does a wonderful job of absorbing motion, making it a good choice for people whose sleeping partners move around or get up frequently during the night.

Learn more about this mattress by reading our full Zenhaven mattress review.

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Amerisleep AS3

Among Amerisleep’s five mattress models, the Amerisleep AS3 is the medium-firmness option. It’s a great choice for people who require a high degree of pressure relief and motion isolation, but who also need ample spinal support.  


  • Eco-friendly materials: Amerisleep uses earth-friendly, plant-based materials for its mattresses, which reduces the amount of chemicals and petroleum they use in the manufacturing process.
  • Sleeps cool: The temperature-controlling properties of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress start with the cover, which is designed with breathable materials. Both the comfort and support layers of this mattress feature an open-cell structure that allows air to flow throughout, keeping sleepers cool all night long.
  • Durability: The Amerisleep AS3 is made of high-quality materials and is expected to last 10 to 12 years before beginning to break down and show signs of wear. This is above average longevity compared to similar memory foam mattresses on the market.  
  • Offgassing: Although some customers report a very faint scent when they initially unpackage their Amerisleep AS3 mattress, any odor is faint and dissipates quickly. Due to the plant-based materials used during the manufacturing process, the AS3 mattress puts off very little smell compared to most memory foam mattresses.
  • Warranty: Amerisleep covers its mattresses with a lengthy 20-year warranty.

Those who would like to read about the Amerisleep AS3 mattress in more detail may be interested in our full Amerisleep AS3 mattress review page.

Avocado Green Mattress

A hybrid mixture of latex foam layers and innerspring coils, the Avocado Green mattress features specialized zones of varying firmness levels to target each area of the body. It got its “Green” name because it’s made from earth-friendly materials and has numerous certifications from third-party environmental standards organizations such as Greenguard, Oeko-Tex, Eco-institut, and The Global Organic Textile Standard.  


  • Temperature: The all-natural materials that make up the foam layers of the Avocado Green mattress are very breathable, and the innerspring support core allows a large amount of air to flow through. Combine this with a Joma wool/organic cotton cover that wicks away moisture and the Avocado Green works well to keep sleepers dry and cool.
  • Firmness: The Avocado Green mattress is an ideal mattress for heavyweight sleepers or sleepers with back pain who need an extra level of support.
  • Responsiveness: One of the benefits of latex foam mattresses is that they provide great pressure relief without the “sinking in” feeling that’s common with many memory foam designs. This makes latex mattresses like the Avocado Green an excellent choice for those who like a little bounce in their mattress.
  • No offgassing: As evidenced by its name, one of the Avocado’s goals when it designed the Green mattress was to create a truly eco-friendly product that contained no synthetic materials. The 100% natural materials used for the Avocado Green mattress produce no offgassing odor after the product is unpackaged.
  • Warranty: Avocado offers a 25-year warranty on its Green mattress, which is one of the most lengthy warranties when compared to the competition.

To research the Avocado Green in greater detail, take a look at our full review of the Avocado Green Mattress.


The WinkBeds mattress is a hybrid design that uses a combination of pocketed coils, foam layers, and a lumbar pad to provide high levels of support and comfort. The company is noted for its attention to detail and the high-quality materials used in manufacturing its mattresses. WinkBeds mattresses do fall on the firmer side, making them ideal for heavyweight sleepers or people with back pain.


  • Sleeps cool: Many memory foam mattresses sleep hot, but the hybrid technology used in the WinkBeds mattresses helps ensure ample temperature control. The Tencel fabric cover and pocketed micro-springs create airflow, while the layer of gel foam help distribute body heat to keep sleepers cool.
  • Edge support: The WinkBeds mattress is ideal for sleepers who like to lie near the edge of the bed, as well as people who have difficulty getting on and off of mattresses that compress significantly when they sit on the edge.
  • Firmness: With four firmness options, Winkbeds makes it easier for consumers to choose their ideal mattress firmness level. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most firm), the Softer model rates at 4.5, the Luxury Firm is a 6.5, and the Firm falls at around 7.5. The Plus firmness level is designed for sleepers over 300 pounds and rates at around a 6.5.

To learn more about the WinkBeds mattress, read our full WinkBeds mattress review.