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At MattressHelp.org, we work hard to provide our readers with everything they need to know about choosing the best mattress. We write about different mattress types, provide reviews of mattress brands, and try to guide people who are searching for the best mattress to buy. We’ve even compiled guides of the best models in each mattress category, from hybrid mattresses to latex mattresses and beyond.

This year, we’d like to recognize the standouts from all of those best mattress reviews with our guide to the best mattresses overall.

Brand/ModelPrice/Discount HighlightsTrial Period/Warranty Mattress TypeOur Review
Responds well to movement, pressure relief in hips and shoulders, sleeps cool100 nights / 10 years non-proratedMemory foam
Alexander Signature Series
Good support and bounce, no offgassing, improved edge support, above-average warranty100 nights / 20 yearsMemory foam
Supportive for spinal alignment, good pressure relief for side sleepers, excellent body contouring 100 nights / 10 years non-proratedMemory foam
High degree of lumbar support, ample edge support, durability120 nights / 15 years non-proratedInnerspring
All-natural latex, flippable with two different firmness options, good motion isolation 120 nights / 10 yearsLatex
Strong pressure relief, low motion transfer, three foam layers, good edge support, good support for heavier sleepers100 nights / 10 years non-proratedHybrid
Luxi Mattress Review
Rearrangable layers, breathable design, reasonably priced1000 nights / 10 yearsHybrid

We feel it’s important to note that there’s not one specific “best” mattress on the market. What works best for one person might not be quite as comfortable for someone else. Factors such as sleep position, weight, desired firmness, and budget can all play into mattress preference.

In fact, MattressHelp.org has detailed guides to help readers educate themselves about the factors that play into choosing the best mattress.

Read our guides on the various sleep positions to learn how the way you sleep can affect your choice of mattress:

Sleep position isn’t the only consideration when you’re researching the best mattress. Do you have back pain? Are you one-half of a couple and need a mattress that will suit you both? Do you need a mattress that’s built to support a heavier sleeper? Since humans spend nearly one-third (that’s almost 26 years!) of their lives in bed, we all deserve to spend that time in a mattress that keeps us comfortable! Our specialized guides can help you choose the best mattress for your build and lifestyle.

Preference of mattress comfort layers and support layers also makes a difference from one sleeper to the next. Read up on our picks on different types of mattresses at the following:

While those guides are full of valuable and useful information, we’d like to compile all that we’ve learned from data and reviews in order to present you with a comprehensive list of the top mattresses of the year.

Our methodology

How did we arrive at our best mattress picks? By investigating each product, compiling manufacturer data, and researching consumer reviews, we’re able to sort out the durable from the poorly-manufactured, the firm from the comfort plush, and the mattresses that sleep hot from the ones that provide coolness and comfort all night long. In short, we look at each mattress from a variety of perspectives before making our picks.

Some of the factors we consider include:

  • Motion isolation: This is especially important if your sleep partner moves around a lot during the night.
  • Edge support: Does the edge of the mattress sink in when you sit on it?
  • Durability: Because a mattress is quite an investment, our readers want one that will last.
  • Temperature: Many mattresses sleep hot, while others have cooling materials in their comfort layers.
  • Offgassing: Does the mattress produce any chemical odor or fumes when it’s first unpackaged?
  • Sex: To what degree does the mattress offer bounce?

Good customer service matters, too, so we also learn about each company, their reputation, what sort of sleep trial and warranty they offer, as well as their standing with the Better Business Bureau before recommending any of their products.

Once all the homework is done, we’re able to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated choice.

Without further adieu, here are our choices for the best mattresses! We’ll start with our overall favorites and then break them down by mattress type

The best mattresses overall

In this section, we’d like to highlight the top picks from all of our best mattress review guides. There is no one “best” mattress for everyone, so we’ve chosen seven solid favorites across all of the categories of mattresses. We believe these top mattresses are well-constructed, durable, and long-lasting, as well as some of the most comfortable options in their design category.

Our choices run the gamut from more supportive innerspring mattresses to those featuring latex and memory foam. We’ve also included hybrid mattress options, so our list covers mattress styles that are suitable for all types of sleepers.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

While Nest Bedding is one of the premier direct-to-consumer manufacturers that will ship compressed mattresses directly to your front door, they also have showrooms throughout the country that allow customers to test their products out. Nest has also set itself apart by offering a variety of firmness choices for their mattresses (while other bed-in-a-box companies only offer one).

The Alexander Signature Series is a memory foam mattress that provides signature contouring comfort while maintaining an excellent amount of support – both throughout the bed and around the edges. This sets it apart from other memory foam mattresses that sink in significantly, particularly around the edges.


  • Quilted cover: The 1.5”-2” quilted cover provides additional support to the sleeper by helping prevent sinkage.
  • Comfort layers: Underneath the cover lies 1” of visco foam. This gives a degree of bounce that’s not typically seen in memory foam mattresses. It also features 4 inches of cooling gel memory foam to help diffuse the buildup of heat that sleepers often find problematic in other memory foam mattresses.
  • Support layers: The extra support in this mattress comes compliments of 6 inches of dense base foam topped off by transition foam.


  • Support: One of the main reasons the Alexander Signature Series made our list of best mattresses to buy is its degree of support that separates it from other mattresses in the memory foam category.
  • Comfort: The Alexander Signature Series is available in several firmness choices, so people with different sleep styles can rest comfortably on this mattress.
  • No offgassing odor: A common consumer complaint is the odor that often comes with many new foam mattresses. The Alexander Signature Series has no chemical odor – even when it’s fresh out of the box.
  • Warranty: A 20-year warranty gives consumers ample coverage that doubles the industry standard.

Read our full review of the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series to learn more about this mattress.

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Consumers who have a love/hate relationship with memory foam are often left in a quandary when looking for the best mattress to buy. The Leesa mattress solves those problems with its 3-layer design that takes a dense support core, layers it with memory foam, and tops everything off with Avena foam. The result is a mattress that’s supportive, features memory foam comfort, and sleeps cool thanks to the Avena foam layer.


  • Cover: Made from one piece of poly-lycra blended fabric, the thick cover of the Leesa wraps around the entire mattress.
  • Comfort layers: Just underneath the cover lies 2 inches of Avena foam, an alternative to latex foam. It provides cool comfort for people who sleep hot. Beneath this is a 2” layer of memory foam that provides pressure relief and added support.
  • Support core: A 6” layer of foam provides the core support for this mattress, making it one of the more firm memory foam hybrid mattress options.


  • Adaptability: The Leesa is ideal for couples with different sleeping styles because each side adapts separately to each person.
  • Social consciousness: Leesa donates 1 mattress for every 10 sold. The company has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees and supports local communities.  
  • Temperature: The three-layer design and Avena foam layer prevent the Leesa from sleeping hot the way other memory foam mattresses often do.

To learn more about the Leesa, check out our full review.


Coil-on-coil innersprings give this mattress brand dual layers of support. The Saatva mattress made our best mattress reviews for innerspring mattresses and it was a natural for our top picks due to its durable construction, edge and lumbar support, and superior cooling capabilities.


  • Comfort layers: The breathable organic cotton cover is stitched tightly over a pillow top, providing additional lumbar support to the mattress. Below this lies a thin layer of memory foam that provides extra comfort.
  • First innerspring layer: The top innerspring layer of the Saatva features 884 contour coils (in the queen-sized mattress). The pocketed coils are wrapped in foam, which helps reduce motion transfer while contouring to the sleeper’s body.
  • Second innerspring layer/support layer: The core support for this mattress comes from 416 hourglass-shaped coils (in the queen size).  


  • Firmness options: The Saatva is available in three options: Luxury Firm (good for all sleeping positions), Plush Soft (the best choice for side sleepers), and Firm (ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers).
  • Overall support: Due to its coil innerspring construction, the Saatva has a high degree of lumbar support and ample edge support.
  • Offgassing: The Saatva features no chemical odor upon delivery.
  • Cooling: The coil-on-coil construction of this mattress combined with a very thin layer of memory foam mean that it provides excellent airflow and temperature control.

Read our full review to learn all you need to know about the Saatva mattress.


The sister design to the Saatva line of innerspring mattresses, Zenhaven latex mattresses provide an all-natural option and customizable support for different sleep positions. Made of 100% all-natural latex, each Zenhaven mattress is designed to be flipped, which is one of the main reasons we wanted to highlight it in our best mattress reviews. Side sleepers and individuals needing more pressure-point relief will prefer the Luxury Firm side, while back sleepers will find added support from the Gentle Firm side.


  • Luxury Plush comfort layer/Gentle firm support layer: The Zenhaven features a support core constructed of a 1.5” layer of Talalay latex. This acts as the bottom layer in the Luxury Plush firmness level, while it’s the top comfort layer in the Gentle Firm firmness level.
  • Second comfort layer: A 3” layer of Talalay latex, provide additional pressure relief and support.
  • Transition layer: As each Zenhaven latex mattress can be flipped, 3” of Talalay latex serves a dual purpose: it’s a transitional layer when sleeping on the Luxury Plush side and provides additional support when the mattress is flipped to the Gentle Firm side.
  • Cover: The 1” mattress cover is made of organic cotton and New Zealand wool.


  • Flippable: Zenhaven mattresses feature one side with a Luxury Plush firmness level and the other side with a Gentle Firm firmness level, making them ideal for a wide range of sleepers.
  • Ideal for hot sleepers: The cotton/wool cover allows ample airflow to keep sleepers cool.
  • Sleep trial: Saatva allows customers to try the Zenhaven for 120 nights. If a customer is unsatisfied, the company will fully refund the price (minus the delivery fee) and will pick the mattress up for free.

Read about all of the features of the Zenhaven in our full mattress review.

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After entering the direct-to-consumer market with its foam mattress design, Leesa followed it up with the Sapira mattress, a hybrid mattress that features an innerspring core topped with several layers of foam. The result is a spring-and-foam hybrid mattress that provides excellent pressure-point relief, ample support, and shipping directly to your front door.


  • Comfort layers: The top layer of the Sapira is 1.5 inches of high-performance foam designed to provide airflow and bounce. This tops another 1.5 inches of memory foam for pressure-point relief.
  • Transition layer: In the middle of this mattress is 1” of high-resiliency foam that sits over the top of the innercoil springs.
  • Support core: An individually-wrapped, steel-spring core is at the heart of the Sapira, giving sleepers support and allowing very little motion transfer. Beneath the springs is one more layer – an inch of high-resiliency base foam that encases the springs from below.


  • Support: The Sapira is an incredibly supportive hybrid mattress that rates well for heavier sleepers.
  • Firmness: With a steel pocket spring support core providing the foundation for this mattress, this mattress is ideal for those who need pressure relief but don’t want the squishy feel of a memory foam mattress.
  • No box spring: The Sapira works best on a flat, firm surface. As such, it does not require a box spring. 

Read our full review of the Sapira to find out if it’s the right mattress for you.


Designed by an engineer, the Luxi mattress made our list of best mattress reviews because of its customizability. The foam layers in the standard Luxi can be switched around to create different levels of firmness, comfort, and airflow. In the larger sizes, the foam layers are split into two sections that allow each sleeper to customize their side. Combination sleepers can quickly change up the layers of the Luxi from one night to the next.

Note: the LuxiOne mattress model is not adjustable.


  • “Support Balancing Technology” layer: 3.5” molded foam “heads” provide spring and resistance while promoting airflow and keeping the Luxi from sagging.
  • Memory foam layer: This layer is designed with 1” of 4-pound-density memory foam. Side sleepers who need a softer mattress for pressure-point relief often place this layer on top.
  • “Luxitex” latex foam layer: Made of Dunlop latex, this layer provides support as well as helping with temperature regulation.
  • Base poly-foam layer: 3.5” of high density poly foam makes up the base support layer for this mattress. Although dense, the open cell construction of the foam makes it highly breathable.


  • Motion isolation: Because of its foam construction, the Luxi is ideal for those with sleep partners who frequently change positions or get up and down during the night.
  • Temperature: This mattress features various layers that are designed to distribute heat and sleep cool.
  • Offgassing: The Luxi features no noticeable offgassing odor when it’s unboxed.

Read our full guide to the Luxi to find out more about the company and the mattress.

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Relatively new to the mattress scene, Purple started selling directly to consumers in 2016. The mattress is constructed with a patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer layer that releases pressure and provides excellent airflow. The design also prevents motion transfer while giving layers of solid support.


  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer: The company’s founders invented the special Hyper-Elastic polymer that makes up the Purple’s 2-inch top comfort layer. The walls in the grid-like design can provide support or fold to provide both cushion and comfort depending on how the sleeper positions themselves.
  • Comfort foam: This 3.25” layer supports the sleeper while providing additional pressure relief.
  • Support layer: The 4” support layer provides structure, strength, and support.


  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly: The Hyper-Elastic Polymer in Purple mattresses is resistant to allergens. It’s also made of food- and food-contact-grade ingredients, meaning that it’s nontoxic.
  • Sleeps cool: The Hyper-Elastic Polymer layer features an open grid design, helping sleepers regulate their temperature.
  • Motion isolation: The foam and Hyper-Elastic-Polymer materials in the Purple mattress prevent motion transfer very effectively.

For more details about the Purple mattress, take a look at our full review.

The best memory foam mattresses

Over the past twenty years, memory foam mattresses have become incredibly popular. Made from polyurethane foam originally created by NASA to cushion astronauts on space missions, this space-age mattress material is now more likely to be found in a mattress than in a space shuttle.

Memory foam drew legions of fans because of its excellent pressure relief and low transfer of motion. Many consumers didn’t like it, however, because it traps heat, lacks bounce, and doesn’t spring back quickly when weight is removed from it.

New developments in memory foam mattress comfort layers have resolved some of the drawbacks, making them the best mattress for a wide range of sleepers. For instance, many modern memory foam mattresses feature gel memory foam that helps regulate the temperature for hot sleepers.

For the best memory foam mattresses, we chose:

  • Alexander Signature Series
  • Loom & Leaf
  • Amerisleep AS3
  • Nectar
  • Novosbed

Read our Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews to learn more about our top picks.

The best innerspring mattresses

For variety and affordability, innerspring mattresses cannot be beat. Because an innerspring support core can be topped with any type of material, they’re available in every comfort level imaginable. The support core of an innerspring mattress is the key to why many consumers prefer them. Metal coils are excellent at providing support and bounce, distributing weight, and allowing airflow that keeps sleepers cool throughout the night.

When choosing the best mattress to buy from the innerspring category, coil count and gauge are important. While a high coil count can indicate better support, it’s also essential to pay attention to the quality and strength of the coils, in addition to the gauge. Lower-gauge coils are thicker, more durable, and make the mattress firmer, while higher-gauge coils are thinner, providing more softness and give.

After considering all of the factors, our choices for the best innerspring mattress are:

  • Saatva
  • WinkBeds
  • Aviya

Take a look at our Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews to learn more about our choices and why we picked them.

The best latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are the best mattress choice for sleepers who want the pressure-point relief and body contouring of a memory foam mattress but who need a bit of extra bounce and support. All-natural latex mattresses feature no chemicals or offgassing, while synthetic latex mattresses are good choices for those shopping on a budget. Sleepers also have a choice between denser, more supportive Dunlop latex and lighter, more breathable Talalay latex.

The comfort layers of a latex mattress can be made of a variety of materials besides just latex, including memory foam, polyurethane foam, natural fibers, and gel. The support core may feature more latex, as well as polyurethane foam or innersprings/coils. Because latex mattresses can be made from so many different materials, they’re one of the best mattresses to suit a wide variety of sleep preferences.

Our choices for best latex mattresses are:

  • Spindle
  • Sleep on Latex
  • Zenhaven
  • Avocado
  • GhostBed
  • PlushBeds

Read our Best Latex Mattress Reviews to learn more about our picks in this category.

The best hybrid mattresses

For sleepers who love the feel of foam but whose backs cry out for the additional support of an innerspring mattress, hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of the two.

With a comfort layer made of materials such as polyurethane foam, latex, or gel, and a support core designed with coils or a firmer polyurethane foam, hybrid mattresses top our best mattress reviews for all sorts of sleepers. The contouring comfort layers work well for side sleepers, while the extra support in the support layer of a hybrid mattress feels great for back sleepers. In some models, there’s even enough support for stomach sleepers to rest without worrying about having back pain in the morning.

Our choices for best hybrid mattress are:

  • Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid
  • Sapira
  • Voila

If you’d like to learn more about how we went about choosing the best hybrid mattresses, read more in our guide to the Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews.