What you get with the Luma Mattress

Luma Sleep is a bed-in-box company that operates and sells sleep products exclusively online. Their flagship product is the Luma Mattress, a latex hybrid mattress made with Talalay latex and pocketed spring coils. Luma offers two other mattresses; one is another hybrid with customizable comfort layers (Luma Hybrid Slumber System) and the other is a 100% latex mattress (Luma II All Latex Slumber System). In addition to mattresses, Luma Sleep produces pillows, mattress toppers, and foundations.

The Luma Mattress has been available for purchase from Luma’s website since 2015. Since its inception, it has received generally favorable reviews from customers.

Here are some of the key characteristics of the Luma Mattress:

  • Customizable comfort: The Luma Mattress is available in three different firmness options. Sleepers can exchange their Luma Mattress for a different firmness option at any time during the first year at no cost.
  • Highly responsive: High-quality Talalay latex is used in the production of the Luma Mattress. This material is highly responsive to the contours of the body, providing back, neck, and joint support.
  • Breathable: Open-cell Talalay latex is all-natural and more breathable than memory foam. The Luma Mattress features ventilated Talalay foam to further increase airflow.
  • 10-year warranty: The Luma Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. If any defects are found in the mattress during this period, Luma will repair or replace the mattress at no cost to the customer.

Additionally, consumers have identified some potential weaknesses with the Luma Mattress:

  • Not ideal for heavy sleepers: The Luma Mattress is topped with a comfort layer of 1.5” of latex. This may not provide enough support for sleepers who weigh over 200 lbs.
  • Customer service issues: There have been some complaints that Luma’s customer service is inadequate. Some sleepers have had trouble with returns, exchanges, and repairs.

Price (Queen): $995 (check for discounts here)
Type: Latex hybrid
Sleep trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 year
Shipping: Free shipping
Manufactured in: The USA

About Luma Sleep

Brand history

Luma Sleep is a privately held and privately run company that launched in 2015. 

Brand reputation

Luma operates and sells exclusively from its own website. This ensures that they maintain control over their supply and the quality of their products, but it also means that there are fewer sources from which to find customer reviews. The Luma Mattress is not available on Amazon, and Luma is not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Luma does, however, have a reviews section on their website. Of all the compiled reviews, customers have given Luma an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Customer feedback


  • Affordable
  • Cool
  • Three firmness options
  • Moisture-wicking cover
  • All-natural latex
  • Free shipping
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty


  • May not offer enough support for heavy sleepers
  • Customer service may be poor

A look at the Luma Mattress

The Luma Mattress is an 11” hybrid mattress consisting of 3 layers.

  • 1.5” comfort layer: The top layer of the Luma mattress is 1.5” of ventilated Talalay latex. This layer provides contour support for the back, neck, and joints, as well as a comfortable surface for sleeping.
  • 8” innerspring support layer: The bulk of the Luma Mattress is its innerspring coil core. Each spring is pocketed individually so as to act independently from the others. This helps the mattress to form-fit to a sleeper’s body.
  • 1” base layer: An extra-dense layer of HD base foam makes up the base layer of the Luma Mattress. This acts as a protective foundation for the innerspring coils as well as a responsive foam surface for support.

The Luma Mattress also comes with a mattress cover. The cover is made from Tencel fabric, which is moisture wicking and soft to the touch. The cover can be unzipped, removed, and washed, but it is not machine washable. It covers the mattress completely and also acts as a mattress protector.

The Luma Mattress was designed and is manufactured in the USA.

Luma Sleep costs and guarantees


Model Size Price Weight (lbs)
Luma Mattress Twin $695 50
Luma Mattress Twin XL $795 53
Luma Mattress Full $895 65
Luma Mattress Queen $995 85
Luma Mattress King $1195 105
Luma Mattress California King $1195 105

Buy your Luma Mattress from Luma Sleep.

Sleep trial

The Luma Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. During this time, a sleeper can return the mattress for a full refund or exchange the mattress for another firmness option at no cost. After 100 days, customers are no longer eligible for a refund, though they are still able to exchange their mattress for up to one year after purchase. There is a limit to one mattress exchange.

In case of a return or exchange, Luma will send a courier to pick up the mattress and they will have it shipped to a charity or a recycling center.


A 10-year warranty comes standard with the Luma Mattress. This covers manufacturer’s defects as well as some wear and tear that might occur over time, like sagging, cracks in the foam, and broken zippers.


Luma offers a financing option to help customers pay for their mattress over time. The Luma Mattress can be paid for over six months time at 0% APR.

How the Luma Mattress performs

The Luma Mattress receives generally high ratings due to its ability to be customized. Customers are able to choose a firmness option that fits their personal preference. This doesn’t mean that the mattress is perfect. The Luma Mattress is Luma’s basic mattress model, so it may leave certain sleepers unsatisfied in some ways. Let’s take a closer look at how the Luma Mattress performs.

Motion isolation

A mattress with good motion isolation will prevent a sleeper from being disturbed when another sleeper changes position. The ability of the Luma Mattress to isolate motion depends on the firmness level selected. The medium and firm options are reported to isolate motion well, but some customers have complained that the plush option does not. This also means that the plush option has more bounce, which some sleepers may prefer. In the end, a sleeper’s preference between bounce and motion isolation is the important factor to consider.

Edge support

The edge support provided by the Luma Mattress depends, again, on the firmness level chosen. Some sleepers sleep closer to the edge of a mattress or let their arms and legs dangle off the bed. If this is the case, a sleeper should choose a mattress that doesn’t sag at its edges when weight is applied. The plush option sags more at the edges because it is made with softer foam, but remember that there is only 1.5” of foam, so the sagging is minimal. Firmer Luma Mattress options have better edge support.


The Luma Mattress is made with high-quality Talalay latex, which is known for its responsiveness as well as its durability. Its inner springs are pocketed and protected by a firm base layer. The Luma Mattress is made with materials that are typically found in luxury mattresses and doesn’t contain extra fluff or filling. For this reason, the mattress is quite durable. If it’s taken care of properly, the Luma Mattress can be expected to last 15 years, which is slightly higher than the normal lifespan of a hybrid mattress.


Firmness is measured by a firmness scale, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 extremely firm. The Luma Mattress is available in three different firmness options:

  • Plush: Firmness rating of 4. The plush mattress by Luma is made with a very soft Talalay latex comfort layer. This layer will sink in quite easily, which may not be ideal for heavier sleepers or stomach sleepers. This option has more bounce and motion transfer and may be preferred by side sleepers or sleepers who like a very soft mattress.
  • Medium-firm: Firmness rating of 6. This Luma Mattress is much firmer than the plush option, which may leave some sleepers unsatisfied, but a rating of 6 is said to be ideal for all sleeper types. A sleeper who chooses this option can expect low motion transfer and slight bounce.
  • Firm: Firmness rating of 7. The third option is quite firm, and some sleepers have complained that it’s caused some aches and pains. This firmness level is recommended for heavier sleepers and back sleepers.


All of the materials used in the Luma Mattress promote airflow. Foam is the least breathable mattress material, but because the foam layer in this mattress is ventilated and thin, it doesn’t allow for heat to build up. Talalay latex is also known for being breathable. Talalay latex is an all-natural foam, which is more breathable than synthetic memory foam. The mattress cover is designed from highly breathable Tencel fabric, which also wicks moisture to prevent sleepers from waking up sweaty.


Offgassing is caused by the release of chemicals into the air by synthetic foams. This sometimes occurs in foam mattresses when they are taken out of their packaging, and the effect lasts no longer than a few days. The Luma Mattress is made from natural latex, so there is no offgassing effect.


Mattresses which are more responsive and have better bounce and mobility are typically better for sex. The Luma Mattress is primarily a spring mattress, meaning there will be a higher bounce factor compared to foam mattresses. Latex is also better for bounce than memory foam, making the Luma Mattress ideal for active couples.  

How to take care of your Luma Mattress

The Luma Mattress comes protected and ready to use out of the box. Make sure that the Tencel mattress cover is secured and zipped completely to prevent allergens and moisture from coming into contact with the mattress. Exposure to these may void the warranty.

If the cover gets dirty or stained, Luma recommends spot washing. Do not machine wash the cover. Make sure to remove the cover before spot washing or attempting to remove any stains. If the cover is especially dirty, it can be dry-cleaned.

The Luma Mattress is made of three different layers of foam and coils, so it cannot be flipped. To help increase the life of the mattress, rotate it 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

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