What you get with Novosbed

The Novosbed mattress is a memory foam mattress that comes in three firmness levels and allows customers the flexibility of adding an additional layer of softness or firmness if they aren’t comfortable after the initial break-in period. At 120 days, Novosbed offers one of the longest sleep trials in the direct-to-consumer mattress market.

Key characteristics that set the Novosbed mattress apart from others in this category are:

  • Three firmness levels: Novosbed customers get to choose their mattress in a soft, medium, or firm firmness level.
  • Comfort+ option: Novosbed provides customers with a firmer or softer Comfort+ option that can be added to their mattress after the 30-day break-in period.
  • Excellent body contouring: Memory foam is known for pressure point relief and body contouring, and the Novosbed mattress excels at this, making it a wonderful choice for side sleepers.
  • Responsive customer support: Novosbed is known for its excellent customer support team that works hard to respond to questions and concerns.

A few potential weaknesses of the Novosbed mattress are:

  • Edge support: Memory foam mattresses are known for their suboptimal edge support, and the Novosbed mattress may not be the best option for those who like to sleep on the edge of the bed or who have trouble sitting up/getting out of bed.
  • Sleeps hot: Despite the airflow foam technology in the top comfort layer of the Novosbed mattress, some customers still feel that it sleeps rather hot. This is typical of many memory foam mattresses.
  • Responsiveness: Memory foam is known for giving sleepers the feeling of sinking into the bed. Although the Novosbed doesn’t create permanent indentations, the foam is soft and lacks response and bounce.

Price (Queen): $1099 (check for discounts here)
Type: Memory foam
Sleep trial: 120 nights
Warranty: 15 years
Shipping: Free
Manufactured in: USA

About Novosbed

The founders of the Novosbed brand wanted to save people time, money, and frustration, and so they streamlined the mattress-buying process and created a single high-end mattress in three different firmness levels. In addition to this, they found an efficient way to ship it out to their customers.

The Novosbed is a memory foam mattress that’s offered in soft, medium, or firm options in sizes that run from a Twin to a California King. Each mattress features a washable stretch-knit top cover, a two-way stretch elastic core cover to protect the foam core, as well as high-end, furniture-grade upholstery siding. The mattress is made with durable foam that’s guaranteed to keep a “new mattress” feel for 15 years or longer.

Brand history

Novosbed was founded in 2009, making it one of the longest-operating companies in the direct-to-consumer mattress market. Their goal is to provide a high-quality product at a much lower cost than their competitors.

In addition to manufacturing high-end mattresses at a competitive price, Novosbed strives to be eco-friendly. This means using a zero-waste manufacturing process that recycles or repurposes all mattress by-products, including solvents. Novosbed strives to make mattresses that last longer so they don’t end up in landfills. The company also donates returned mattresses to charities instead of sending them to landfills.

Brand reputation

Novosbed has earned an A+ rating from the BBB. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for high-quality mattresses, good customer service, and speedy delivery times.

Customer feedback


  • Customizable firmness: Customers enjoy being able to request the optional Comfort+ layer to fine-tune the firmness level of their Novosbed mattress.
  • Fast shipping: Most customers report receiving their Novosbed mattress within just a few days.
  • Great for side sleepers: The foam layers of the Novosbed mattress provide excellent pressure-point relief for people with joint pain or those who sleep on their sides.


  • Cover not replaceable: If the cover is damaged during use or while removing/washing it, Novosbed does not sell replacement covers.
  • Returns only after 60 days: If a customer is unhappy with their mattress, Novosbed insists that they install a Comfort+ kit (available after 30 days) and try it out for an additional 30 days before the mattress is eligible for return.

A look at the Novosbed mattress

The Novosbed mattress is a next-generation memory foam mattress that features thousands of vertical channels designed to keep you cool and dry as you sleep. The thickness and foam density of each layer depends on which firmness level you choose. The Medium Novosbed mattress is their most popular model. It contains the following layers:

  • Cover: The top foam layer of the Novosbed mattress is breathable, so it’s essential that their cover allows plenty of airflow. The stretch-knit polyester cover does exactly this. It also zips off for cleaning or if you need to apply an optional Comfort+ layer to customize the feel of the mattress.
  • Breathable memory foam layer: 2” of airflow memory foam creates a comfort layer that helps prevent body heat from being trapped and building up, causing the sleeper to overheat and sweat. The density of this layer of foam is 5 pounds per cubic foot. It is rather slow to respond after pressure is applied, which is typical of memory foam.
  • Memory foam layer: Next comes 2” of traditional memory foam. This layer provides pressure point relief and the body contouring that people have come to expect from memory foam. This layer also has a 5-pound-per-cubic-foot foam density.
  • Support core: The support core of the Medium Novosbed mattress is 7” of premium poly support foam. It has a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot and provides a layer of spinal support to the much-softer memory foam layers above.
  • Comfort+ layer: For customers who are still unsatisfied after the initial 30-day break-in period, Novosbed offers an optional (and free) Comfort+ layer. This is an extra foam layer that will either make the mattress firmer or softer, depending on your preference.

While Novosbed initially manufactured all of its mattresses in China, it moved its manufacturing to the US in 2012. Today, all Novosbed mattresses are made in Pennsylvania.

Novosbed costs and guarantees


Model Size Price Weight
Novosbed Soft/Medium/Firm Twin $899 52/57/53 lbs
Novosbed Soft/Medium/Firm Twin XL $949 55/61/57 lbs
Novosbed Soft/Medium/Firm Full/Double $999 72/79/74 lbs
Novosbed Soft/Medium/Firm Queen $1099 87/95/89 lbs
Novosbed Soft/Medium/Firm King $1299 110/120/113 lbs
Novosbed Soft/Medium/Firm California King $1299 110/120/113 lbs

Buy your Novosbed in Soft, Medium, or Firm from Novosbed.

Sleep trial

When you purchase a mattress online, it’s extremely important to have plenty of time to test it out and return it if it doesn’t fit your particular sleep style or firmness preference. Novosbed offers a 120-night sleep trial on its mattresses. After a 30-night break-in period, the company will send a free Comfort+ kit to make the mattress firmer or softer. If you still don’t like the mattress after sleeping on it for 60 nights, Novosbed will arrange to pick it up and give you a full refund.


Novosbed ships its mattresses for free. Delivery times depend on location, with most mattresses arriving in the eastern US within 1 to 3 business days and to western states within 3 to 5 business days. Canadian customers can expect to wait anywhere from 1 to 2 business days (for delivery to Ontario) to 4 to 6 business days (for delivery to British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia). Expedited shipping is available for an extra fee; Novosbed asks that customers contact them for additional details.

While Novosbed does not provide mattress removal services (as they ship via FedEx Ground), their customer service team is happy to recommend services available in your area.

Most customers are pleased with the ease of setting up their Novosbed mattress. When it arrives, you move it to the desired room before opening the box and tipping it onto its side to slide the compressed mattress out of the box. Taking care not to cut the mattress, carefully cut the outer plastic before unrolling the mattress onto your bed frame or foundation. Finally, carefully cut the remaining plastic to allow the mattress to decompress and air out.

While you can sleep on your Novosbed mattress after just 5 minutes, it can take up to 48 hours to fully decompress.


Novosbed offers a 15-year warranty on all of its mattresses. The warranty covers any defects in workmanship and materials. It also covers:

  • Permanent indentations of more than 1” within the first 10 years or more than 2” within the following 5 years (assuming that the mattress has been used and handled properly)
  • Damage to the mattress cover fabric or zipper that is due to faulty workmanship or material imperfections
  • Defects in workmanship/materials used for the Comfort+ kit, if provided

The warranty will be voided if your Novosbed mattress isn’t unpackaged and set up within 2 weeks of delivery. It must also be set up on a suitable base.

How Novosbed performs

Motion isolation

Like most memory foam mattresses, the Novosbed mattress performs well in terms of motion transfer. If you sleep with a partner who gets up frequently or changes positions throughout the night, the memory foam layers will isolate their movement to their side of the bed.

Edge support

Like most memory foam mattresses, the Novosbed mattress provides poor edge support. Some sinkage is apparent if you lie near the edge, but it sinks down significantly if you sit on the edge of the bed.


Online Novosbed mattress reviews indicate that most customers are pleased with how well their mattress has held up. The length of warranty that a company provides for its mattresses are an excellent indication of how long they expect their products to last, and with a 15-year warranty, Novosbed provides an excellent outlook as far as durability.


One of the biggest benefits of the Novosbed mattress is that customers can choose their firmness level and further customize it with the addition of a soft or firm Comfort+ layer. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most firm), the soft Novosbed mattress rates at about a 5, the medium rates at around 6.5, and the firm rates at about 8. The optional Comfort+ layer can take the firmness level up or down one level depending on if the customer chooses the softer or firmer Comfort+ layer.


The first generation of memory foam mattresses slept hot, so mattress manufacturers took note and began designing their products with temperature-regulating technology. In the Novosbed mattress, this comes in the form of airflow foam with air channels cut into it that allow air circulation. While the top layer of the Novosbed mattress does prevent heat retention better than traditional memory foam, some customers still feel that it sleeps too hot.


Most memory foam mattresses create a chemical smell (called “offgassing”) upon unpackaging. While some customers have reported an offgassing odor in the first few days after setting up their Novosbed mattress, it doesn’t seem to be a significant problem with this mattress.  


With its layers of memory foam, the Novosbed mattress is soft and contouring and lacks responsiveness or bounce. Due to this, it’s not a mattress that allows for ease of movement during lovemaking.

How to take care of your Novosbed mattress

The top cover of the Novosbed is removable for cleaning. The cover should not be dry cleaned, but it can be washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or any harsh stain removers. Hang the cover to allow it to dry before zipping it back on to the mattress.

While layered foam mattresses like the Novosbed are not designed to be flipped, they can be rotated 180 degrees every few months in order to prevent indentations from developing if you sleep alone in the same spot on the bed or if you have a significant weight differential with your sleeping partner.

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