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Tomorrow Sleep is backed by the Serta Simmons brand, which means the company leverages a team of experts that are experienced at creating sleep solutions. In fact, Serta Simmons has been designing mattresses and bedding for their customers since 1870.

Available in either Medium Soft or Medium Firm firmness levels, the Tomorrow Sleep’s Tomorrow mattress is a hybrid mattress. This means that it provides a blend of support and pressure-point relief by combining a support core composed of individually-wrapped coils with a memory foam comfort layer.

Some of the key characteristics that consumers like about the Tomorrow mattress are:

  • Support: As it utilizes an inner coil support core, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress provides greater support than a traditional memory foam mattress. Stomach sleepers should consider the Medium Firm option in order to ensure that their hips don’t sink into the mattress and send their spine out of alignment.
  • Body contouring: The memory foam comfort layer of the Medium Soft Tomorrow mattress offers a good degree of body contouring.
  • Motion isolation: The layers of the Tomorrow mattress are designed to absorb motion, which is especially useful for people who sleep with a partner that moves around during the night.

The Tomorrow mattress has the following potential weaknesses:

  • Response: The memory foam layer can make it difficult for sleepers to change positions.
  • Pressure points: Online Tomorrow Sleep mattress reviews reveal that despite the memory foam layer, the Medium Firm option can create pain where the hips and shoulders contact the mattress. Side sleepers may want to consider the Medium Soft Tomorrow Sleep mattress.
  • Offgassing: Because it has a memory foam layer, the Tomorrow mattress does have a slight “new mattress” smell when it’s initially unpackaged. However, if the mattress is left to air out, the smell entirely dissipates over the course of a few days.

Price (Queen): $990 (check for discounts here)
Type: Hybrid
Sleep trial: 365 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Shipping: Free
Manufactured in: USA

About Tomorrow Sleep

According to Tomorrow Sleep president Bryan Murphy, the company’s mission is to take premium mattresses and put them in a box to sell directly to consumers. The Tomorrow Sleep team believes that getting good quality sleep is important, pointing to the many professional athletes who have made it part of their training routines for years. This sort of thinking is what led Tomorrow Sleep to work to design a mattress that everyone could sleep comfortably on. They created two hybrid mattress options that integrate temperature-regulating memory foam with a pocketed-coil support core.

Brand history

Tomorrow Sleep launched in 2017, so the brand is relatively new. It’s backed by the larger and more well-known Serta Simmons company. When Serta Simmons decided to branch out into direct-to-consumer mattress sales, they worked with Murphy and a team of sleep scientists to engineer their new mattress design.

Serta Simmons has a long history in the mattress industry, starting in 1870 when they were the first company to mass-produce woven wire mattresses. Today, they’re the largest bedding manufacturer in North America.

Brand reputation

As the brand is so new to the market, Tomorrow Sleep has not yet earned a rating from the Better Business Bureau. The brand earns a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on the Tomorrow Sleep website and enjoys similarly high ratings on other sites. This isn’t surprising when you consider that Serta Simmons has spent decades building its reputation as a solid competitor in the high-quality mattress market.

Customer feedback

One of the things customers report in numerous Tomorrow Sleep mattress reviews is that the memory foam breathes well and sleeps very cool. Here are some of the other things customers liked – and disliked – about this mattress.


  • Support: Customers – even those with back pain – are generally pleased with the level of spinal support in this mattress.
  • Pressure relief: Side sleepers seeking a more contouring mattress were pleased with the Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft mattress.
  • Customer service: From problems with orders to handling returns, customer reviews indicate that Tomorrow Sleep provides excellent customer support.


  • Longevity: Customers express concerns about expected mattress longevity because the company and product are so new on the market.
  • Heavyweight sleepers: Some reviews suggest that the thinner construction of the Tomorrow mattress may not provide enough support for heavier sleepers.

A look at the Tomorrow mattress

Customers who typically sleep hot on memory foam report that the Tomorrow mattress kept them comfortable and cool, and this is because the top comfort layer is a one-inch Black Diamond phase change material. This allows the memory foam to keep its cushioning properties while regulating the sleeper’s temperature.

Next comes an Airy Comfort Foam Layer that’s infused with gel. The gel-infused foam provides an additional layer of comfort and temperature control before we move down into the more supportive layers. The Airy Comfort Foam Layer is 1/2” thick on the Medium Firm Tomorrow Sleep mattress and 2” thick on the Medium Soft option. The Medium Firm mattress also incorporates a 1.5” Dynamic Response Foam Layer that adds bounce.

The support core of both firmness levels is the same, starting with a Coil Insulator Celestra, which is a non-woven layer of fabric that helps stabilize the coil unit. Inside, you’ll find 6 inches of pocketed 800-series high-carbon steel coils made out of .074” wire. Each Tomorrow Sleep mattress also features 6” x 3” Ventilated Foam Side Rails that allow additional airflow through the mattress. The entire coil unit rests upon a 1” base foam layer.

All Tomorrow Sleep Mattresses are manufactured in the Serta Simmons factory in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Tomorrow Sleep costs and guarantees

Model Size Price Weight
Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft/Medium Firm Twin $550 78.74 lbs
Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft/Medium Firm Twin XL $600 81.77 lbs
Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft/Medium Firm Full $800 97.54 lbs
Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft/Medium Firm Queen $990 109.92 lbs
Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft/Medium Firm King $1,200 132.07 lbs
Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft/Medium Firm California King $1,250 133.57 lbs

Buy your Tomorrow mattress from Tomorrow Sleep.

Sleep trial

Tomorrow Sleep offers a 365-night sleep trial, and during this time you can return your mattress for a full refund for any reason, no matter what condition it’s in. They do ask that customers sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days to break it in.


Shipping via UPS Ground is free. Each Tomorrow mattress ships out within two to three business days. At this time, the company only ships to the lower contiguous 48 states.

Tomorrow Sleep also offers White Glove setup starting at $75 (with pricing depending on location). This service allows customers to choose their delivery date and have their new mattress hand-delivered, unpackaged, and set up. For an additional $49, the delivery team will remove the old mattress for donation or recycling. White Glove setup will lengthen the delivery time, as the mattress is first sent to the closest XPO Logistics facility to the customer’s home. If the mattress is returned, the fee for White Glove delivery is nonrefundable.

All Tomorrow Sleep mattresses arrive in a 20” x 20” x 42” box, except for their California King, which ships out in a 21” x 21” x 43” box. Setup is easy, with most customers able to remove the mattress from its box, place it onto its platform, and get it unwrapped in under 20 minutes. After that, the Tomorrow mattress will expand to over 90% of its total height in about 10 minutes. Within 24 hours, it will have completely expanded. Customers can sleep on their new mattress even before it’s finished expanding.


The company offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses. If anything goes wrong between 31 and 356 days following your mattress delivery, contact Tomorrow Sleep for an exchange or a full refund. They will arrange a time for someone to come and pick up your mattress free of charge.

After 365 days, the Tomorrow Sleep warranty covers faulty materials or manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover:

  • Consumer preference
  • Normal body impressions (of 1.5” or less) or normal changes in softness/recovery time of foam due to normal use
  • Fabric cover
  • Tears, burns, or cuts
  • Infestation by vermin
  • Mattresses with stains or soil from potentially dangerous bodily fluids
  • Mattresses not used with an adequate foundation
  • Mattress warranty claims made outside the contiguous United States
  • Transportation, inspection, or removal costs

How Tomorrow Sleep performs

Motion isolation

For people who sleep with a partner, motion isolation is a particular concern, as no one likes getting jostled around if their partner changes position or gets out of bed for a midnight snack. Both models of the Tomorrow mattress perform well on motion isolation tests with the Medium Soft mattress transmitting the least amount of movement.

Edge support

Many consumers prefer mattresses that have support all the way up to the edge. This is especially the case for people who share the bed and don’t enjoy feeling as though their mattress is giving way if they roll near the edge. It’s also important for seniors and other people who may have difficulty getting in and out of a bed that sinks far down when they sit on the edge.

Tomorrow Sleep’s Tomorrow mattress rates well on edge support when lying down on it. It also provides ample edge support when people sit on the edge, with the Medium Soft model showing more compression than the Medium Firm. Still, even the softer model demonstrates an impressive amount of edge support for a mattress that features memory foam.


Because the Tomorrow Sleep brand is so new, there isn’t good information available about its longevity or durability. However, a look at the length of warranty offered by any brand helps give an expectation of its longevity. With a 10-year warranty, construction in the U.S. with high-quality materials, stellar reviews, and backing by a well-known company, the outlook for Tomorrow Sleep products seems good.


Tomorrow Sleep provides a bit of choice to its customers in terms of firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most firm, the Medium Soft Tomorrow Sleep mattress rates at around 4. Meanwhile, the Medium Firm option rates at approximately 6, making it a good middle-of-the-road option for sleepers who need support, but still crave a bit of comfort in their mattresses.


In researching Tomorrow Sleep mattress reviews, we noted a large number of consumers talking about how much cooler they were sleeping on this mattress than on other memory foam options they’d tried. The great temperature distribution is due to the Black Diamond phase change material, the gel-infused Airy Comfort Foam Layer, and the Ventilated Foam Side Rails. This is in addition to the inner coil system that allows ample air flow.


Upon unboxing the Tomorrow mattress, customers will notice a slight offgassing odor. This is typical with many mattresses that contain memory foam and other synthetic materials. Tomorrow mattress reviews don’t indicate that customers find this odor problematic, as it’s mild and disperses entirely within 24 hours.


The support core of the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress features an inner coil system that provides a degree of bounce and support not seen in traditional memory foam mattresses. The Dynamic Response Foam Layer in the Medium Firm model provides additional bounce.

How to take care of your Tomorrow Sleep mattress

The Tomorrow mattress has a thin, breathable cover, but it’s not removable for cleaning. As it has an inner coil support core, this mattress is not flippable. You also don’t need to rotate it.

The manufacturers suggest setting your mattress up on any suitable foundation. This includes a flat platform or the floor, a box spring or solid foundation, a slatted base, or an adjustable base. Failure to place your Tomorrow Sleep mattress on a suitable foundation could void your warranty.

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